From director Zachary King

I’m sure your life has been affected by this crisis as it has affected us all. During this stressful and anxious time, the future seems unpredictable. What can we do?

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing missionaries, church planters, and campus ministers around the world to adapt to a new reality. While we lament many ministry losses, there are new opportunities as well. Because of the threat posed by COVID-19, people are longing for the stability and communion that only a relationship with Christ provides—that’s why your continued support is so important.

I know that for Resonate, the way we do things can’t stay the same, because ministry doesn’t stop during a pandemic. In fact, Resonate ministry leaders are finding creative ways to respond to COVID-19 and minister to their communities.

I want to thank you for your ongoing prayer and concern. It’s such an encouragement to know that the Christian Reformed Church and people like you are shining a light during this dark time, especially as many people have asked how they can help during this crisis.

Right now, there are three important things you can do to continue to support the ministry you  care about:

  • Pray for your missionary, church planter, or campus minister: your Resonate ministry leaders are experiencing stress and anxiety just like everyone else. Please lift them up in prayer and ask God for health and safety.
  • Live God’s mission through your church: across the US and Canada, Christian Reformed Churches are rising to the occasion, filled with the Holy Spirit and ready to make a difference. Please join with what your local church is doing!
  • Make a gift: if you are able, please consider making a special gift during this crisis. Your missionaries and church planters depend on support from Resonate, and right now, a generous donor has agreed to match any amount you give! Click here to learn how to double your gift.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in mission. Please encourage your loved ones and your church during this crisis, and continue to remember Resonate ministry leaders in prayer. To read the most recent updates on how Resonate is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, please visit


Praying God’s blessings of health and safety for you,

Zachary King