From Resonate director Zachary King:

Sometimes, God answers our prayers with “not yet.” 

“Not yet” can be hard to hear. “Not yet” comes with a little bit of uncertainty, a little bit of disappointment, even a little bit of sadness. But “not yet” also comes with a little bit of hope.

“Lee, are you ready to say ‘yes’ to Jesus?” asked your missionary*. He has been walking with Lee for months as Lee searched for true joy and peace. They studied Scripture together and examined the teachings of Jesus.

But Lee said “not yet.” 

What an answer! This “not yet” tells us that we still have work to do.

One day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord—but not yet. This future we’re seeking is the reason we work together with you on God’s mission.

Our task is to follow the Spirit’s call to embrace God’s mission in our neighborhoods and around the world. You are the reason this missionary is able to walk with Lee—you sent someone to be there for Lee. But our work—God’s work—isn’t finished yet. That’s why your prayers and donations are so important.

God gives us the task to proclaim his good news, but it’s his Holy Spirit that works in the hearts of those who hear. That’s the way the apostle Paul poses this reality in Romans 10:

“And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?”

God is working through the church planters, missionaries, campus ministers, and ministry leaders you send. And he is not finished working, either. Your support for Resonate has an eternal impact!

Right now, the Holy Spirit is still working in Lee’s heart, and your missionary is still walking beside him. Will you continue to be there for them?

Hope is growing in Lee, thanks in part to mission-minded people like you with the patience to show him the love of Jesus. Though the “not yet” moments of mission work can be discouraging, there’s hope. May we continue to shine the light of hope for people like Lee around the world who need the gospel.

“[Christianity] is life-changing, and I think he’s still learning that,” shared your missionary. “To be able to spend an afternoon with him, I think, is perhaps just as valuable as studying a Bible passage.”

God is still working in Lee’s life, and when your missionary asked him if he wanted to continue learning, continue studying the Bible, and continue seeking true peace and joy through Jesus, Lee said “yes.”

Thank you for sharing that hope with Lee. Thank you for walking with him during this time of “not yet.”

Please remember that people like Lee are living with emptiness in their heart. That emptiness can only be filled by Jesus! By answering God’s call to share the good news of Jesus, you can help people find hope. Will you please help proclaim hope in Jesus by making a special gift today?

By walking alongside new Christians and those who are still seeking, you encourage and strengthen them in faith.

God has transformed many lives through the work we’ve done together on mission, but more than 5 billion people don’t know Jesus. That’s one of the biggest “not yet” issues that we’re praying for at Resonate. Will you help us reach them?

You can walk alongside people around the world who are seeking Jesus, but still saying “not yet.” Please help send people to be there for them—please make a gift today.


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*Note: Lee's name has been changed and the missionary's name has been omitted as the country they live in has made it illegal to share the gospel.

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