Yogesh found a home at Artesia City Church, a Resonate church plant partner in California.

You helped make it possible for Yogesh to place his trust in Jesus.

Growing up in India, Yogesh was raised in a family that practiced Hinduism. Many of his neighbors were also Hindu, but he had friends who lived a short walk away, and they were Christians. Yogesh spent a lot of time with them and went to church with them sometimes. He started to wonder if Jesus was real, but then he moved to the United States.

Navigating a New Country

Moving to a new country was stressful and overwhelming. Yogesh was trying to navigate a new city, a new government, and a new culture—all in English, a language he was working hard to understand. Living far away from friends and family in India, he wasn’t sure whom he could go to for encouragement and support.

But then he heard about Artesia City Church, a Resonate church plant partner that you support in California. A community of believers from India and Pakistan, Artesia City Church is uniquely equipped to reach seekers like Yogesh

Home Away from Home

At Artesia, Yogesh said he experienced the peace he was missing in his life. He got to know believers who were part of a similar culture. He also got to learn about Jesus and to worship in a language he clearly understands. He was especially inspired by the Punjabi Psalms they read together and the sermons he heard.

Yogesh started praying to Jesus. “Every time I would pray, my prayer would be answered,” he said. “I knew that if I had to pray or ask for anything [I truly needed], I could ask Jesus without fail. I started to trust Jesus. I started to feel an attachment to Jesus.”

A Life-Changing Decision

But Yogesh knew that becoming a Christian was a life-changing decision—one that needed to be made with his whole heart. Yogesh knew he was attracted to Jesus, but did Yogesh love Jesus? For four years, Yogesh continued to pray. He started to read the Bible. He continued to worship with Artesia City Church.

“During the time spent in worship and prayer, I would lose track of time,” said Yogesh. As Jesus continued to captivate him, Yogesh knew he didn’t want to live life without Jesus. 

Just a few months ago, Yogesh was baptized! He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

Thank You

Thank you for supporting church plants like Artesia City Church through Resonate. Your support helped to make a difference in Yogesh’s life, and your support continues to help make a difference. You know how important it is for believers to have a strong community of support, and you help make it possible for Artesia City Church to continue to be a place where Yogesh can grow in faith.

“Right now is just the beginning of my journey,” said Yogesh. “I want to live my life according to the Bible.”

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