Resonate missionaries and their families who temporarily left Haiti during protests two weeks ago are returning. Protests have lessened but uncertainty remains for Haitians throughout the country.

Regional Mission Leader Luis Pellecer, who supervises ministry in Haiti, has spoken with contacts in the country who see the situation improving. Shortages of food, water, and fuel have abated as protests have scaled back. However, your missionaries still ask for your continued prayer.

Even as protests have diminished and allowed some aspects of normal life to resume, opposition to the government is ongoing. Many people there still struggle to get by amid economic hardship and rapid inflation. Please pray for the country of Haiti, not only for peace but also for lasting change and relief.

Please pray for your missionaries as they face uncertainty in the coming days. Pray for their continued safety and provision, as well as for their ministry.

Resonate director Zachary King is mindful of the need for prayer both for Haiti and for countries around the world. “While we are thankful that the situation in Haiti has calmed somewhat, we lament for the disruption of the lives of our staff and ministry partners,” said King. “As you pray for Haiti, please don't forget to pray for missionaries and ministries in other places around the world where violence and hardship disrupt life.”

Right now, you can make a difference by lifting up your missionaries and people living in the following places:

  • Haiti: As protests continue sporadically, it’s difficult to predict what the future holds. Pray for the people in Haiti who struggle to meet their daily needs. Pray for wisdom for the country’s leaders.
  • Nicaragua: Missionaries in Nicaragua are adjusting to a “new normal” after 2018’s political protests forced businesses to close, cost people their jobs, and resulted in death, injury, and arrests for many. Today, people continue to live in grief and are anxious about the future. Pray for healing for Nicaragua.
  • Nigeria: Throughout the country, unrest and violence continue tied to contested elections. Pray that God will lead the country to a peaceful outcome.
  • West Africa: Resonate staff are working in countries in this region plagued by terrorism. Pray for safety and provision.

The Christian Reformed Church continues to monitor the situation in Haiti and each of the other places mentioned above to ensure the safety of our staff and partners there. We trust that God is working through even the most trying circumstances.

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