Eunji (front row, fourth from left) with members of her praise team

New beginnings can be disorienting. As Eunji Choi found, sometimes God’s calling can be hard to hear or understand in the midst of doubt and disappointment.

Eunji transferred to Iowa State University (ISU) from her university in Korea in 2013 and soon began participating in Ames Korean Campus Ministry activities sponsored by Ames Korean Christian Reformed Church, just down the road from her campus. She connected to the church community, leading worship with the praise team.

After completing her bachelor's degree, Eunji initially wanted to broaden her educational experience at a different university for her graduate studies. Even though she was accepted and offered scholarships at several schools, Eunji felt God calling her to stay at ISU.

“When I prayed to God to make a decision, he changed my mind," Eunji says.

But following God’s direction wasn’t easy. “During the first year of my master’s, I couldn’t figure out why God called me to stay here. Sometimes I even thought I was wrong because my life as a master’s student was so frustrating,” Eunji explained.

When students leave home for a new city or a new country, it can be difficult to feel connected to their community and find a spiritual home. Ames is one of two campus ministries (Areopagus Campus Ministry is another ministry out of the CRC) at ISU supported by Resonate. Ames Korean Campus Ministry, led by Jin Young Lee, helps graduate and undergraduate students at ISU anchor in a strong church family. Members of Ames even volunteer their time and resources to make Korean food for students who miss their home culture in a city with no Korean restaurant.

Your gifts support Lee and his colleagues as they write daily devotional emails and organize student-led Bible studies. The program is growing! Lee, who began leading the ministry in August 2016 after the previous director retired,  recently introduced a new program for experienced students to help new students adjust to Iowa State. Several students who participated are now settled in a church.

But the highlight of life at Ames for many students is Bible study. “I want to give them an opportunity to serve one another...The students who are involved in our ministry are now very mature and dedicated Christians,” shares Lee.

Eunji found her home in the Bible study too. “At the end of the second semester...one of the deacons asked me to be a Bible study leader,” she explained. She now feels excited about her future and trusts God’s plan. “I am working hard as a leader and as a member of the praise team according to God’s guidance."

That’s why I am here now, and I can feel that I am growing as a truly sincere Christian through these precious positions and disciplines. Since it is my last semester at ISU, I am truly looking forward to God’s next plan for me!”

Your prayers and support continue to help make a spiritual home in unfamiliar places for students all over North America.

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