Hong* felt fulfilled in life—she had a rewarding job as a teacher in one of Asia’s largest cities and a leadership position in her church. But then her school closed last year, and she entered a season of uncertainty. Adding to her unease, Hong knew her mother was growing more dependent as she aged.  

“This season of uncertainty has been tough on Hong, but it’s also been a time of exploring where God is calling her,” said Regina*, a Resonate Global Mission missionary who has worked with Hong for many years through ministry leadership trainings.

A Season of Transition

Hong decided to move in with her mom, which meant transitioning from the big city to a small village. During this time of confusion, Regina was there to support Hong and help her discern what God was telling her. As Hong adjusted to her new life, she began to see why God put her in this quiet countryside.

“This region has about 16 churches, but only a few ordained pastors in the area,” Regina explained. “The main pastor is in his 80s, so traveling to a different one of these churches every week is getting hard on him.”

A lack of pastors is an all-too-common reality where Hong lives, so Resonate missionaries like Regina train and equip more pastors and church leaders for this nation’s growing church. Hong has taken part in several such training events—which prepared her well for this new season of life. As someone coming from the big city, many people looked up to Hong in her new village. She is well-educated, and her Biblical knowledge and experience teaching others made her a natural leader.

Hong soon began accompanying the elderly preacher on his church visits. She preaches; he leads communion. On Sunday morning visits, she also reads the Bible to members who cannot read and shares what she’s been learning over her years of deepening her faith.

A Season of Settling In

At the same time, Hong began to see how she could learn from the slow-paced life she was now living in.

“She took part in a three-day prayer meeting during Christmas,” said Regina. “You would never see that in [the city] because people simply don’t have time.”

Encouraged by these church visits and Bible studies, Hong continued to keep in contact with Regina as she considered a calling into full-time ministry.

“We would mostly talk over the internet, me listening as Hong discerned her next step in life,” said Regina. “She has even considered going to a seminary overseas.”

But it’s not that simple. As her mother’s only daughter, Hong is wrestling with what it means to be a good daughter—especially in a culture where children are expected to support and care for their parents—while still using the gifts of teaching and worship leadership that God has given her.

In the meantime, Regina keeps listening and praying with her.

Please pray for Hong and others like her who are serving in ministry with limited training. Pray also for the overstretched pastors, and the many new Christians they are discipling.

*Names changed for security

Asia (undisclosed)