A message from director Zachary King

You can help people here in North America find out what it truly means to love like Jesus.

One of the church plants you partner with through Resonate has found that, sometimes, what people need most is a neighbor. Hesed Community Church in Detroit grew out of the deep roots of the CRC. They rely on the support of trained pastors and missionaries, and mission-minded people like you. But their ministry doesn’t look like a traditional church—it looks like a home.

KJ was homeless when she first heard about the ministry. She worked for her friends, babysitting in exchange for a place to stay. Moving from friend to friend worked for a while. Some would pay her, or at least contribute to her phone bill. But living this way couldn’t go on forever, and then KJ found out she was pregnant.

Her parents let her move in with them, but it was hard. “I didn’t have a great relationship with my parents,” shared KJ. She was anxious about her living situation, and on top of all this, she was sick throughout her pregnancy.

Although things were tense at home, KJ listened when her parents told her about a place called Hesed. Thanks in part to your support, KJ got a chance to grow spiritually and find a family of faith at Hesed’s ministry house: “They took care of me in all ways possible.”

And KJ kept going back to Hesed, a safe place that helped her as she got back on her feet.

KJ shared with me the huge change she saw in herself after she found a place for herself at Hesed. “I found a whole new meaning for family and what it truly means to love like Jesus,” she said. What a testament to God’s healing power! That’s the kind of ministry I want to invite you to be a part of today.

You see, salvation in Jesus Christ is not where our story ends. It’s only the beginning of a new life! You, and me, and KJ—we all have work to do. We need to carry the good news of the gospel to all who still need to hear! That’s why Resonate partners with people like you to keep sharing the gospel.

One of the amazing parts of doing mission work is seeing people who are transformed by the gospel embrace God’s call on their life. That’s what KJ found through the ministry leaders you sent into her neighborhood.

Hesed and its leadership found that their thriving ministry was only scratching the surface of the work needed to bring God’s love to the whole city. So they took a leap of faith, and expanded into a second house. The members at Hesed worked all summer to renovate and open this house for a new neighborhood.

I’m so happy to tell you that KJ is working as the supervisor for this new house. “I found my calling to do the Lord’s work and share my blessings,” said KJ. Her work brings joy to her heart, and it’s already changing the neighborhood.

Each week brings new opportunities for KJ to pray with neighbors, help them find community resources, and bring people closer to God. That’s the reason your gift to Resonate has such a far-reaching impact!

There are neighborhoods all over the US and Canada who need a faithful presence like Hesed. And there are people like KJ, too, who need a place to heal and rediscover their faith. 

You can help! By giving to Resonate, you join with others on mission for God.

I want to ask you to renew your partnership in God’s mission today. Will you please make a gift to help ministry leaders right here in North America?

Church plants like Hesed depend on your support. I hope you will consider your gift to Resonate to be a direct investment in people like KJ, who are discovering God’s plan.

Please don’t wait to make your gift! You can use the form below to make your gift to ministries like Hesed. Donors like you make it possible to share God’s love!

Thank you for joining us in God’s mission.



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