Vladimir and Valentina were atheists—and they raised their four children without faith too. But your Resonate Global Mission missionary is witnessing the Holy Spirit stir hearts within this family in Eastern Europe.

Belief in a Country

Living in a communist country, Vladimir and Valentina put their faith in their nation. Vladimir was dedicated to his job working for the state and was eventually promoted to village administrator.

“Vladimir believed in the power of the communist, atheist society which could unite their vast country together and build great things,” said your Resonate missionary. “Good education and strong upbringing would lead the [country’s] citizens to a bright destiny.”

As the years passed, however, the family’s life seemed anything but bright. The country was facing a dire economic crisis and resources were scarce. Vladimir felt helpless trying to care for people in their community.

The couple’s four children were also struggling. Vladimir and Valentina never mention one of their children, and your Resonate missionary wonders if the adult child is still alive. The couple has said that one of their daughters passed away from a drug overdose, and they are concerned about their oldest daughter, who is struggling with alcoholism. Yulia, their youngest, had moved a few hours away with her husband, Vasili, who struggled with a drug addiction. At one point, they were on the verge of divorce.

But then Yulia and Vasili accepted Christ—and a bright light started to shine in the darkness.

The Transforming Power of the Gospel

“The encounter with the Lord freed me from addictions, changed my values, and restored my family,” said Vasili.

Christ transformed Vasili, Yulia, and their children’s lives. In the first few years as believers, the couple stepped into leadership of a ministry that provides food for people who are homeless. Vasili also traveled with a pastor to share the gospel in other villages and towns, including a town near the village where Vasili and Yulia grew up—and where Vladimir and Valentina still live.

While traveling, Vasili heard God call him to that town for ministry. When he returned home, he discovered Yulia had received the same nudging from the Holy Spirit.

Vasili, Yulia, and their children have been living there for about a year now—and the Holy Spirit is stirring hearts.

“Vasili and Yulia see the hand of God in calling them to the area where they both grew up to be a Light for Christ,” said your Resonate missionary. 

Supporting Local Ministry

Vasili and Yulia are leaders in a local church, and your Resonate missionary helps to equip them for ministry through a partnership with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Your support of Resonate helps to train and equip Yulia, Vasili, and other local church planters and ministry leaders who are working in communities where people are wary of faith.

Vasili and Yulia lead a house church in their home and a weekly prayer gathering. Vasili also works part-time at a lumber mill. Through work and spending time around town, he’s starting to reconnect with former friends and schoolmates. They’re cautious of Vasili’s newfound identity as a believer in Christ, but they’re starting to build good relationships.

Vladimir and Valentina, Yulia’s parents, often visit the couple’s home—and your Resonate missionary is seeing the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of this elderly couple who raised their children as atheists.

A Testimony to God’s Grace

One day, your missionary and his MNM ministry partner were sitting in Vasili and Yulia’s home. They were sharing stories and offering encouragement and guidance for ministry. Vladimir and Valentina were visiting, and your missionary said Vladimir was “keenly listening” to the conversation.

“As Vasili testifies of the work of God in his life that has clearly brought real change through the cross of Christ, one sees on their faces that Vasili’s in-laws are genuinely touched,” said your missionary. 

Vladimir and Valentina are not yet believers, but they can’t ignore God’s work in their daughter and son-in-law’s lives. Sometimes, they even worship with the church that Vasili helps lead.

“Today the Bread of Life has come to [Vladimir], even though Vladimir’s atheistic upbringing compels him to just take nibbles from the plate of life-giving Christian nourishment that’s available to him,” said your missionary.

Thank you for supporting this important ministry in Eastern Europe and shining a bright light for Christ! Your support has resonating effects as the Holy Spirit works in and through believers like Yulia and Vasili. Will you please pray for this ministry?

  • Give thanks for the ways God has worked in the lives of Vasili, Yulia, and their children. Give thanks for God’s healing and please pray for this couple and their family as they minister in their community and draw others to Christ.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue stirring the hearts of Vladimir and Valentina. Pray that they will accept the grace of Christ.
  • Pray for Vladimir and Valentina’s other children who are struggling. Ask God to heal them and draw them into relationship with him.

Names have been changed for security

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