Nadeana, Cathryn, and Amy all came from different faith or cultural backgrounds. Yet all three found community in the Christian Reformed Church’s campus ministry.

Feelings of excitement and anticipation flooded Nadeana as she left her home country of Barbados to earn her graduate degree in eastern Canada. She also had some uncertainty. Nadeana wanted to be able to deepen her faith while at Western University in London, Ont.

“The first thing I did when I came to Western was look for a ministry to be a part of,” remembers Nadeana. “Canada was a foreign and lonely place. But campus ministry made me feel those things less so.”

Nadeana met Mike Wagenman, the campus chaplain at Western—one of the many ministry leaders that Resonate Global Mission supports at campuses across North America. Even after Nadeana earned her diploma, she stayed involved in the ministry in a leadership position—a position made possible through Resonate donations.

“Nadeana is committed to living her faith in dynamic ways,” adds Mike Wagenman. “She is an intentional disciple of Jesus Christ who has a beautiful Christian character that draws others to her in patient and warm ways.”

A Piece of Home

Like Nadeana, Cathryn was excited about studying somewhere new, but she was also a little anxious to find a piece of home, something familiar, while studying at a school with about 25,000 other students.

“I came from a very small CRC town . . . everyone knows everybody else,” said Cathryn. “But at Western it was very different.”

But Cathryn found a community of believers that could help her answer some of the questions she was encountering as she experienced a new part of God’s world in a new stage of her life.

“This ministry creates space for community,” says Cathryn. “And this community helps us explore faith alongside our education.”


Taking Root

As Cathryn attended classes and campus ministry events, she invited a fellow kinesiology major, Amy, to join the group.

“I wasn’t sure how my faith was going to grow, change, or be challenged because my faith didn’t have deep roots,” said Amy. “But after attending an event, I was sold at the first slice of homemade bread,” she joked, looking back on the welcoming gesture that introduced her to a welcoming group.

Amy began attending the ministry’s weekly Bible study, the interfaith discussion group, and other events made possible by faithful supporters like you.

“The CRC campus ministry helped me make this practical shift in living out my faith,” said Amy. “That was one of my biggest questions—what it means to be a Christian student!”