There are many teachers and schools throughout the world that work with limited resources.

That’s where you come in. 

When you give to Resonate Global Mission, you help spread the gospel through Educational Care, a curriculum of Raise Up Global Ministries.

Resonate missionaries use Educational Care to give educators an opportunity to develop teaching skills and strategies that honor God. Here are three inspiring leaders that you’re coming alongside to share the love of Christ in schools.

A Little Heaven on Earth

“After Educational Care training, I discovered that teaching is not a profession, but teaching is a calling. A calling by God,” said Benard. 

Benard took that calling seriously and started a school named “A Little Heaven on Earth” in Uganda. Benard and the teachers he works with are committed to not only providing a quality education for their students, but to treat their students with love and care. The school currently doesn’t have very many physical resources—the classrooms are a bit of a tight fit, and the furniture is a little worn—but parents are flocking to the school to enroll their children.

“[Benard] has a beautiful heart for God and a beautiful vision for his school,” said Resonate missionary Diana Boot, who led the Educational Care trainings that Benard completed. “You can tell he loves his students and he’s really mentoring his teachers also to model for his children that all of them are important in God’s eyes.”

Thank you for walking alongside Benard! You can watch a video about his school here.

Persecuted, but Not Abandoned

Mr. Lim (not his real name) is the principal of a Christian school in a country where the government keeps a close eye on all religious organizations and activities. But for some students, school might be the only opportunity to hear the gospel, so Mr. Lim is committed to making his school the best it can be—and you’re helping him.

Mr. Lim is working toward completing all of the Educational Care training modules and has sent several of his educators to the trainings as well. He’s faced several setbacks, including visits from police officers.

Will you please pray for protection for Mr. Lim, his school, and the teachers he works with? You can learn more about Mr. Lim’s story here.

More Conversations about God in the Classroom

One day, Stella Pam Yak was observing a teacher’s lesson at Westwood Park School, the school that she leads in Nigeria. She noticed that the students were fidgeting in their seats or staring blankly at the teacher. They weren’t learning well.

As in many parts of Africa, teaching is an undervalued profession, and educators receive little training before stepping foot in a classroom. Stella believes education is so important for her students, their families, and their communities—so when she was given an opportunity to participate in Educational Care training, she signed right up.

Educational Care equipped Stella with best teaching practices so students could learn their lessons well. Stella has not only faithfully attended and completed all modules, but she’s working with teachers in her school to implement what she learned—especially when it comes to talking about God in the classroom.

“My greatest take away from Educational Care is opening my eyes to see the need to erase the dichotomy between things that are ‘spiritual’ and things that are ‘secular,’” said Stella. “For me to understand the created, I have to work with the Creator.”

Thank you for partnering with Stella and her school! Learn more about Stella’s heart for Christian education here.

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