Coming alongside biblically-minded leaders

Many churches and schools around the world lack the resources and formal training that they need to train solid leaders. Theological schools and Christian educational centers are not as readily available as they are in North America.

Still, ministry leaders have a strong desire to learn new skills for strengthening their outreach. Teachers are hungry to learn new ways to bring the Christian faith to life in the classroom.  By providing formal and informal training sessions in strategic areas around the world, ministry leaders and teachers are quickly realizing the power they have to improve their work, whether it is in front of the pulpit, in the classroom, or on the mission field.

  • Leaders are discovering new ways to make their ministry school sustainable
  • School administrators are meeting together to share ideas about improved Christian education
  • Pastors are learning new ways to preach the Word and care for their church members despite a lack of formal theological education


Featured Leadership Development Projects

  • Timothy Leadership Training (TLT): A unique curriculum that offers 3-5 day trainings for church and ministry leaders based on their specific cultural needs
  • Educational Care: A unique curriculum based on TLT that provides similar trainings for school administrators and teachers