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About this Church Plant

Over 50,000 new residents move to South Florida every year, but a statistic like this does not tell the full story of the diversity in ethnicity, age, spirituality and income of the people of South Florida. In the middle of this tremendous growth lies the city of Lake Worth. It is an old city that, in spite of its growth, still has a small town feel.  In the middle of this unique area was a struggling church formerly called Lake Worth Christian Reformed Church (CRC).

Like many of the churches near downtown Lake Worth, it was struggling.  As the community changed and grew, the church declined. The potential for Kingdom impact, however, is tremendous.  Sunlight Community Church of Port St. Lucie (PSL) heard that Lake Worth CRC was struggling.  Sunlight has seen amazing Kingdom impact in its own community an hour north of Lake Worth. God, through Sunlight and eventually a partnership with Resonate decided to reach out to this struggling church and covenant with it for a new start in Lake Worth. 

Sunlight knew that the first step was finding a pastor with the unique gifts to restart a congregation. Kris Vos accepted the call. Within a 5-mile radius of the church in Lake Worth, there are approximately 250,000 or ¼ of a million people.  Only about 50,000 of those are actively involved in a church that is committed to following Jesus Christ.  A recent Barna study indicates that the West Palm/Ft. Pierce area, of all the cities in the US, has the largest percentage of people who have never attended church (17%).  The potential for Kingdom impact is incredible! 

Lake Worth CRC has been relaunched as Sunlight Community Church of Lake Worth. The church is beginning to see lives changed in its community.  It is becoming a church of missional impact in its community.