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Learn alongside local congregations and ministries as well as other volunteers, to develop deep cross-cultural relationships, and to experience the rich hospitality, cultural heritage, and natural beauty of the Dominican Republic.

Vision Trips focus on exposure to, learning about, praying with, and supporting the ministry on the field. They will be hosted directly by the Resonate missionary on the field, and get a general orientation to and direct connections with national ministry partners, seeking to build a closer relationship within a few communities.

Specific ministries and locations include:

  • IMPACT Clubs Monte Plata or Guaymate, La Romana
  • Local ICRRD congregations around the country
  • COCREF schools such as those in Mojarra, Bienvenido, and San Pedro
  • Cultural/historical sites including the Fortaleza (note flags and bullet holes), Museo del Hombre Dominicano, the main cathedral, Ingenio Nigua, etc. covering the history of conquest, colonialism, Roman Catholicism, slavery, immigration, and current international issues.
  1. Church membership
  2. Complete the Resonate volunteer application process
  3. Adhere to Resonate’s vision, mission, values, and policies
  4. Orientation provided by Resonate
  5. Raise sufficient funds for all costs

For all teams and volunteers, a tourism option may be available on a case-by-case basis for those who want to enjoy the tropical island’s many natural and cultural attractions.

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