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Serve and learn alongside local congregations and ministries as well as other volunteers, to develop deep cross-cultural relationships, and to experience the rich hospitality, cultural heritage, and natural beauty of the Dominican Republic.

A key element of SALT is a three-way partnership: Resonate is the host and in charge of logistics, the local church organization plans the activities and ministry outreach, and the sending church recruits, raises funds, sends the team, and handles its internal issues. Each part has its role, and the main story here is the joining of the diverse groups into one team that lives out and testifies to the Lord’s kingdom.

We work to assure that all team members will experience being used by God in the ministry that is being planned. God can use something as simple as talking with others one on one, making friends, or playing with children, to reveal His Kingdom and to demonstrate the unity of the body of Christ. And there's a lot to learn and enjoy in the DR. The team will build relationships, learn and grow together through fellowship, worship, service, and also fun times like sports and games, swimming at a waterfall, music and drama.

The blessing and joy that come from getting involved with a local church or youth ministry and experiencing the relationships, the culture, and the context of ministry and service are priceless. Teams also visit historical sites and places of natural beauty, in order to appreciate the cultural heritage.

Youth ministry teams participate in evangelism, community service, music, drama, vacation Bible school, etc., always working alongside and in coordination with a local youth ministry and church. Fellowship and fun are definitely on the schedule, with visits to beaches, waterfalls, etc. An additional requirement for youth teams is that the sending organization, be it a church or a school, provide an adult team leader, such as the youth pastor or a teacher, plus one adult participant for each five youth participants. The cost is $75 per-person per day, including all in-country costs and a project donation.

  1. Church membership
  2. Complete the Resonate volunteer application process
  3. Adhere to Resonate’s vision, mission, values, and policies
  4. Orientation provided by Resonate
  5. Raise sufficient funds for logistics and the assigned project donation.

For all teams and volunteers, a tourism option may be available on a case-by-case basis for those who want to enjoy the tropical island’s many natural and cultural attractions.

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