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Serve and learn within a national Christian school to develop deep cross-cultural relationships, and to experience the rich hospitality, cultural heritage, and natural beauty of the Dominican Republic.

Come to the Dominican Republic to engage in service and learning as part of a transformational and missional network. You will see and experience what God is doing through these amazing people in these amazing places.

You will have to opportunity to:

  • Serve along-side ministry peers and mentors among the least, the last, and the lost.
  • Learn about social and cultural issues in the places of vulnerability.
  • Grow through spiritual formation.
  • Engage in theological reflection with your peers and mentors.
  • Team up with young leaders and experienced men and women who serve among high risk populations in hard places.

The assignment will be adjusted to the gifts and talents of the applicant, including areas such as teaching and/or tutoring English, classroom assistant teaching, curriculum development, teacher training, school administration, advancement, specialty classes such as arts and music, or general school improvement. A key element is working closely with national Christian school personnel in the local context, learning as well as contributing.

  1. Church membership
  2. Complete the Resonate volunteer application process
  3. Adhere to Resonate & partner’s vision, mission, values, and policies
  4. Education degree or in-progress, some teaching experience preferred
  5. Significant Spanish language
  6. Raise sufficient funds

Dates: August 2023-June 2024; August 2024-June 2025

Apply or Ask

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