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Just like the body of Christ, supporting Resonate Global Mission can take a variety of forms. Each of our partners have an important role to play. Together with you, Resonate Global Mission is changing the lives of people around the world. New churches are being planted, established churches are re-imagining their call to mission, campus ministries are reaching students, and people are coming into relationship with Christ.

The work of Resonate is only possible because of the unique support offered by you, the churches, partnering organizations, and individuals who are passionate about God's mission.

Whether you want to support mission work through praying, educating yourself and others about missions, serving overseas, forming a church partnership, giving a financial gift, or in another way, you are an important part in fulfilling the great commission.

Resonate Global Mission is a registered charitable organization in Canada and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States. All donations are tax deductible.