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About this Church Plant

The vision of New Gate is to raise up generational followers of Christ, who are willing to serve not only in the church, but wherever the Lord places them (whether in schools or workplaces). Since this has been the vision of the church since the doors opened, the Korean Congregation have done whatever they could to build a solid foundation for the English Ministry to build upon over the past 13 years.

Thus, the English Ministry, who have been approved and released to be an independent congregation, are able to worship in a paid-off building with the Korean Ministry paying for all the building expenses. In this present time, because our building has been operating at pretty much full capacity, the Korean Ministry, along with the English Ministry, are preparing funds to build an addition to the existing building. This new building is a larger project, where we are trying to build from the ground up - we are at $420,000 and our goal is to raise $1,000,000.00.

In this current season, the Korean Ministry is also contributing 10% of their offering, which became in effect as of December 2017 and will end December 2018, to the English Ministry to help us become an established church. In the meantime, we are trying to save our weekly offering income so that when the new building is built, we can take on 100% the building expenses of the new building. Furthermore, we hope to contribute a large portion of the offering to the building fund at the end of the church’s fiscal year, which is December 1, 2018.

How we go about carrying out the vision of our church is through stressing the importance Word, Prayer, Sacraments, Fellowship, and Outreaches. We stress the importance of God's word by providing Bible study classes weekly and prayer meetings weekly and honor the Lord's Supper once a month. We have small groups, where 96% of the congregation participates, after service.

We also do neighborhood community outreaches, by providing carnivals twice/year and provide free school supplies before the school year begins for the children. We also do our best to do a community service event once a month, whether that is volunteering at Denver Rescue Mission, Joshua Station, World Vision, Denver Food Bank of the Rockies, or even clean-up projects.

We are a young church at the moment, with the average age group around 26 years old, however, we do not mind if the majority of the audience remains the current age. With this age, however, we see a lot of transition and do the best we can to grow our ministry by training and raising up those who are willing in whatever season and with however much time the volunteers have with our church.

With being a younger church, we worship singing more contemporary songs and little liturgy.

We have been blessed to be able to raise up in-house, faithful volunteers who help with run the children's ministry, youth group, college ministry and young adult ministry. However, as our church is transitioning, we are realizing the need to hire and actually have a strong staff. In this current season, we see the need to prepare ourselves to hire someone who can walk alongside the youth group and children's ministry. We hope to hire at least a youth pastor by Summer 2019, this is where Resonate can help our church coach us through this process as well as bless us with funds.

We are operating well financially currently, with one full-time pastor and one part-time worship leader. However, if we were to hire another full-time or part-time pastor, we would need some support.

I have learned that working with this age group means that stability in the congregation is not as promising as I like it to be. But again, I have learned to become unafraid and utilize whoever would love to serve within our church, even if that means they can only serve for a year.

I pray in five years we would continue to have a more steady ministry. I would love to see growth in staff, have an established married couples group and a nursery ministry, more access and ability to tap into the colleges within Colorado, see the new building up and running, have more access to invite more guest speakers, have a more developed relationship with our immediate neighborhood community, and ultimately see growth in faith of anyone who comes into the doors of our church.