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Acerca de Uriel and Carmen

Mission and Vision

"To join God's redemptive work bringing back the lost, binding the hurt, and strengthening the weak especially among Latino believers scattered in Europe."

As waves of refugees have sought a better life elsewhere, Belgium has been pretty welcoming. People are coming from all over the world and as amazing as it sounds many are coming from Latin America. Multicultural churches in Belgium have opened their doors to minister and reach out to all these new Europeans in many different ways.

As Latinos we believe the Latin American church has received so much and now is the time to start giving. We see the Lord is rising the Latinos scattered around the world also to reach out to the lost, using their gifts, experiences and cultural similarities to connect to those who are far from the Lord and also are seeking a better life somewhere else. We see ourselves as bridge builders that will come to strengthen those who are getting to know Jesus outside of their context, and empowering them to reach out to others with the good news of Salvation.

Mission Work

“To join the global church in reaching out for the needy through service, showing them Jesus' love offering hospitality and community; bringing them encouragement and walking along side them in their journey to know Jesus deeper.”

We have been invited to serve together with “The Evangelical Protestant Church of Huy” in Huy, Belgium, among the Latino members by gathering together for discipleship, worship and mentoring in their heart language (Spanish). We will be providing pastoral care and mentoring to new and potential leaders within the community.

Once we are more adept to the language (French) we will be also joining the local church and using our gifts and expertise in the areas of evangelism, discipleship and family ministries.

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