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Acerca de John and Shirley

Mission and Vision

John and Shirley recently completed 33 years of career service with Resonate Global Mission (then Christian Reformed World Missions). As new Family Ministry Volunteers, the Winds will continue to develop family ministry in Mexico and Latin America. This ministry will have a transformational impact on the church as families are discipled, future leaders in the local churches are trained, and ministry teams are developed.

Ministry in Mexico

Their tasks include the following:

  • Help organize ministry for future expansion of family ministry.
  • Assist the National Presbeterian Church, Reformed Presbeterian Church and other denominations in church development through family ministry.
  • Provide conferences/retreats, Bible studies, and pastoral care.
  • Serve as consultants for Family Ministry.
  • Cooperate with training programs related to Family Ministry.
  • Encourage spiritual life and integrity in Family Ministry teams.
  • Provide intra-cultural exchanges between North America and Mexico through Service and Learning Teams.
  • Communicate updates for prayer and praise and financial needs to North American supporters. 
  • Promote the creation of an Association for Mexico.

Thank You

We so appreciate your prayers and gifts to extend Christ's Kingdom in Mexico and Latin America. Thank you!

Support John and Shirley

You can support John and Shirley's work by either providing a one-time or recurring monetary gift, or by joining our prayer list.


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