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소개 George and Sarah

Vision and Mission

We envision healthy congregations emerging to bring healing and transformation to lives and communities throughout Ukraine and Eastern Europe’s post-communist countries. Together with our partners in Ukraine, we are training church leaders in Ukraine’s post-Soviet, post-Christian, and post-atheist society in order to develop healthy churches with a biblical understanding of Christianity so that God's Kingdom may transform all spheres of life and society.

Ministry in Ukraine

By God’s grace and the Spirit’s working, we are facilitating the transformation of lives, families, churches, and communities in Ukraine and around the world. “Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations” leads people through a process of healing and reconciliation centered around a fresh encounter with Jesus at the cross. Every time we facilitate these events in Ukraine God amazes us again by how He transforms people’s lives and relationships bringing healing and reconciliation.

We also train other church leaders to facilitate this ministry in their own contexts. At the annual Eurasian School of Reconciliation, held in English and Russia, we train leaders from Europe and Central Asia. Together with our partners we also train leaders from all over the world at the International School of Reconciliation held every other year in Rwanda.

Our prayer is that by God’s grace this ministry would continue to spread as it has from Rwanda to the rest of Africa, Ukraine, and all over Europe. We believe that God desires to heal, reconcile, and transform lives and communities around the world, just as we have witnessed Him do in Ukraine.

Thank You

We praise God for His work around the world and are thankful for the privilege of serving Him. Thank you for your prayers, generosity and support for our ministry with Resonate Global Mission. Together, by God's grace, our efforts are transforming lives and communities in Ukraine and beyond.

Support George and Sarah

You can support George and Sarah's work by either providing a one-time or recurring monetary gift, or by joining our prayer list.


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