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A group of people stand around a small wooden cross and burn notes where they have written their pain

After military men attacked Abel's family, he was traumatized. You helped him find healing in Christ.


Abel* jolted awake and sprang out of his bed to peer outside the window. In the early morning light, he could see men in military uniforms, guns at the ready, running through his family’s compound in South Sudan. With a wave of grief, Abel noticed that several of his extended family members had already been killed. They never even had a chance.

Abel knew he needed to act quickly if his family was going to survive. He turned toward his family—but it was too late. The military men forced their way into his home, started rifling through and taking his family's possessions, and abused Abel’s twelve-year-old daughter.

The attack felt like it lasted for hours, but eventually the men left. Abel couldn't believe they were alive. He had heard the men whisper to each other about recognizing him as "that pastor everyone knows." Abel was grateful that he and his family were spared that morning, but they would never be the same.

You helped him heal through Healing Hearts Transforming Nations (HHTN), a Resonate Global Mission partner ministry.

Traumatized with Deep Wounds

“Since that day, I have not been able to sleep through the night,” said Abel.

Abel spent long nights tossing and turning as he tried to find refuge in sleep. But every time he closed his eyes, violent images of that morning flashed through his mind. When he did sleep, nightmares plagued him.

"The tragedy cast a long shadow over [Abel’s] once bright spirit,” said Patience Mutie, who works with HHTN. “This left a deep wound and chipped away at the mosaic of his self-worth.”

But then Abel was invited to attend HHTN’s East Africa School of Reconciliation (EASOR) in Kenya that you helped make possible. It was hosted by Way of Peace Kenya and run jointly by Resonate, World Renew, Healing Hearts Transforming Nations Global, Rabagirana Ministries, and Le Rucher Ministries.

“The school [brings] together Christian leaders and influential community members from diverse backgrounds and cultures in pursuit of a common goal—reconciliation and transformation,” said Mutie.

Finding Peace and Healing

As part of the school, Abel first went through the HHTN workshop. Your partner ministry leaders walked Abel through a process of confronting his trauma and bringing his wounds to the cross. It was painful for Abel to think about the night men killed his family members and abused his daughter, but bit by bit, he was able to find healing.

“[Abel] took the opportunity to put his faith into practice by symbolically nailing his pain to a cross and giving it all to Jesus. He realized Jesus had always wanted to redeem the things that had been robbed from him and his family on that fateful night,” said Mutie.

Even more miraculous, Abel was able to forgive those who had harmed him, killed his family members, and abused his daughter.

Abel felt at peace. For the first time in a long time, Abel was able to sleep through the night.

Equipped to Help More People

Thank you for your compassion for Abel! Because of you, God was able to heal Abel and give him a new beginning. Now, Abel is one of 39 new leaders helping more people to heal and seek reconciliation by leading HHTN in their own communities.

“Each of these new HHTN facilitators have the potential to reshape the narrative of conflict and division that plague our world. Nations can be healed and transformed when individuals confront their prejudices, embrace the beauty of diversity, acknowledge the centrality of the work of the cross, and build lasting relationships based on forgiveness and reconciliation,” said Mutie.

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*Name has been changed for security