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Acerca de Charles and Hensel

Mission and Vision

To inspire, equip, and connect Filipino church leaders for more faithful and effective holistic gospel impact in their congregations and communities by:
 - Using interactive curricula and learning methods to develop personal spiritual disciplines and formation practices for their own spiritual health and for use in their ministry settings.
 - Using conferences, retreats, and seminars to build gospel-focused bridges between them and to model ways they can do the same in their ministry settings.
 - Walking alongside them and providing soul care and supportive accountability focused on discerning and then acting within God’s plans.


The Philippines proudly boasts of being the only Christian nation in Asia. Some say that 91% of the country is Christian, 86% percent being Roman-Catholic, and 8.2% Protestant. The numbers don’t add up. But what is even more interesting is that in the 8.2% figure of Protestants, they include other well-known cults and other so-called Christian organizations. However, the real misfortune is that many Christians are not professing members of the faith but count themselves as believers because of their birth into their denomination.

So, we hope by serving the local churches, schools, and workplaces in our city, that Jesus may be known to them personally through our testimonies, lives, and personal interactions. It is a beautiful opportunity to share about Jesus and a blessed journey for us to see them accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and be Christ’s ambassadors to their field of calling.

We try and take every opportunity to help the Filipino people in whatever ways we can to help provide them with a more productive life and one that will also benefit them holistically. Still, most of all, we want them to see how their relationship with Christ matters in every aspect of their lives.

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