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Acerca de Abraham and Elaine


On July 4, 2000, our first journey to Mexico took us through El Paso, TX, where we marveled at the vibrant fireworks commemorating independence at Fort Bliss. Little did we realize then that this farewell moment would signal the beginning of a new chapter in our life and ministry, following years of service and learning in mainland Mexico. 

Now, twenty years later, we find ourselves once again in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, a desert sister town nestled south of El Paso, TX, with a renewed purpose—to work for the advancement of God's Kingdom, nurturing His servants through spiritual and ministerial formation at Seminario Todas Las Naciones (All Nations Seminary, ANS).

Since 1998, ANS has been a bustling hub, welcoming students from all corners of Mexico and beyond, offering vibrant on-campus experiences and engaging online programs. Elaine and Abe are thrilled to play roles as teachers, mentors, and counselors at ANS, recognizing the incredible influence it has on molding the next generation of God’s Kingdom leaders. Together, we're dedicated to nurturing ANS and its alumni community. Over the past two decades, ANS has graduated hundreds of students, each leaving an indelible mark on ministry with hundreds of new churches planted across different regions, evidence of ANS's missional impact on the landscape of God's Kingdom.

In 2022, the ANS Alumni Network, known as Red de Egresados, was established with three primary objectives: kerygma (preaching and learning), koinonia (fellowship and building peer relationships), and diakonia (mercy-missional service, both global and local). Elaine and Abe have been working closely with the Executive members of the network through a variety of avenues such as seminars, workshops, conferences, and retreats. 

Our services include God's Image seminars, Bible Reading programs from a Kingdom perspective, Coffee Break gatherings, Las Joyas women's ministries, and pastoral family retreats, among other activities.

The Alumni community continues to grow in both size and passion, eagerly engaging in local church planting efforts and enthusiastically participating in global mission endeavors. As mentors of this vibrant network, we are dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth and mission-oriented mindset of its members, ensuring that they remain steadfast in their commitment to God's Kingdom work, both locally and globally.

Thank You

Thank you for your cheerful partnership with prayer and generous giving. Together, by God's grace, we make God’s redeeming history in our Mexican brothers and sisters. God bless you!

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