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About this Church Plant

Our Vision: Reviving Community Through Making Discipleship

Living Hope Community is a family friendly church where we seek to integrate the whole family in all aspects of church life and ministry, because the entire family is a unit called by God.  We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for all people everywhere, not just for a particular color or group of people but for those whom the Lord God will call to faith. We are a multi-ethnic, multiple-cultural and multi-generation church that seeks to be a missional church by reviving our community through making discipleship for Christ. All our programs are geared towards integrating the entire family to worship, learn and grow together

Our Mission:

We believe in God's mission (Missio Dei). The mandate of every church is to participate in God's mission. The Living Hope Community mandate is expressed in these four disciplines: To Love, Grow, Teach and Serve.  As a community church, our passion is to transform the culture with the love of Jesus.