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Young people are not leaders of tomorrow. They're leaders of today.

And IMPACT clubs are helping to equip and empower them.

Our ministry partner New Horizons Foundation launched IMPACT clubs in 2002. Today, Resonate missionaries facilitate these clubs in countries like the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Resonate is passionate about raising up young leaders—and that’s exactly what IMPACT clubs do. IMPACT clubs empower children from elementary school through high school to see that they have gifts, skills, and ability to make a big difference in their communities. Through fun activities, group discussions, and community service projects, they learn about leadership from a biblical perspective. Some of the service projects young people have planned and implemented through IMPACT clubs include:

  • Fixing a beat-up road so people could travel more easily
  • Dividing a river into sections where people can get clean drinking water, wash and bathe, and water their cattle to help keep water clean for drinking
  • Helping to deliver supplies to individuals and families who were struggling financially because of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Setting up handwashing stations so people in the community could wash their hands and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Some young people come to know Jesus for the first time through IMPACT clubs, and they all grow as disciples as they learn to be the hands and feet of Jesus and work toward kingdom transformation in their communities.


Impact Club Background

“As a responsible and engaged citizen, he decided to act and make a difference,” said Tazile Vital-Herne, an IMPACT club coach. “What is most heartwarming: this young man did not ask nor receive money for what he has done for the community … the only thing he received was some water to drink while he was doing this work.”

IMPACT club leaders with a young leader

When Dukens (left) saw the problems a run-down road in his community in Haiti, he decided to fix the road himself.

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