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About this Campus Ministry

GCM is a community of undergrad and graduate students who come from many different walks of life, completing their studies in a variety of disciplines. We offer free Wednesday night dinners, Bible studies, small groups, and many different types of opportunities to worship, fellowship, and engage in cultural discernment on a university campus. GCM also aims to be a blessing to the university by facilitating the Faculty and Staff Bible Study and by contributing to the University of Guelph's MultiFaith Resource Team. We offer students the opportunity for leadership development and spiritual formation through internship positions on the GCM student intern team each year.

Our Mission

To be a community where all who are curious about life and God wrestle with scripture and are challenged to root their identity in Christ.

Guelph Campus Ministry welcomes students – believers and seekers – who are curious and thoughtful about Jesus in their lives. It is a place to belong that welcomes questions, encourages wonder and is willing to struggle together toward identity in Christ.

On the university campus, students prepare for life and emerge into adulthood. GCM acknowledges that Christ is present in all aspects of our lives, including academic life, and seeks to provide an environment where students can root themselves deeply in Christ and find their calling; where their gifts and talents can be identified and encouraged; and where they can find comfort and guidance in the midst of their struggles and disappointments.

Our Vision

Resilient graduates who know that Christ calls them to live faithfully without fear and with hope, stepping into the challenges of their time.

As followers of Christ, GCM declares with joy and trust that our world belongs to God. We strive to equip students to go out into our troubled world, living faithfully into the challenges of today, knowing they are called for times such as these to bear good fruit, and overcome despair and fear with love and hope – resisting the anxiety of today’s culture and trusting in God.

We believe with confidence that the Lord is faithful, giving meaning to our days and hope to our years. Our future is secure because our world belongs to God.