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Resonate offers the following services to partner missionaries upon request:

Developing Your Support Network

  • Connecting you to CRC congregations and donor prospects
  • Fundraising plan templates for annual plans, individual campaigns, personal visits
  • Phone solicitation scripts and coaching
  • Coaching, review, and assessment of missionary presentations
  • Receipting funds and tracking donations
  • Promoting, sharing, and highlighting your ministry work
  • Missionary prayer cards and resources
  • Ministry videos so others can connect and engage in what is happening on the field
  • Prayer letter assistance including editing/formatting and templates.
  • Grants for salary support
  • Online fundraising page


Planning and Logistics

  • Logistics pertaining to travel, lodging, immunizations, etc
  • Pre-field orientation, cross-cultural orientation, and training

Encouragement, Learning, and Care

  • Connections to Resonate’s member care resources
  • Regional community for mutual learning and support
  • Regular meetings for accountability and sustainability
  • Regional retreats
  • Program impact review and assessment
  • Connecting to relevant communities of practice and learning

Growing Capacity

  • Helping you develop new volunteer opportunities
  • Recruiting new partners to work alongside you
  • Recruiting new volunteers to work alongside you