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Resonate supports people serving God's mission in a variety of ways. We have job openings for specific missionary careers, but we also work with you to find a role that may fit your calling best. Resonate's missionary roles fall into the three categories below. Reach out to us to explore which role you might be called to follow with Resonate. 

Missionaries serving in the careers below serve as full-time employees of Resonate and personally raise the majority of their financial support. Resonate is committed to supporting these missionaries and their ministries through coaching, administration, and funding. 

Missionary Careers

Every candidate for a missionary career with Resonate will pass through two intermediate steps before taking up the tasks outlined in their position description.

Step #1

Missionary Candidate:  Prepare for international service by building a network of prayer, care, and financial support in North America that will enable future ministry.  Ordinarily, this will progress from part-time to full-time as the support network grows through the work of the candidate and the missionary support team that is designed for this purpose. One can expect to be in this role for 6-12 months, depending on how quickly the support network comes together. 

Step #2

Missionary in Training:  Develop language and culture skills, ministry skills and relationships that will enable future ministry, and begin to use those in ministry.  Ordinarily, one can expect to be in this role for 6 to 18 months, depending on prior background and experience.