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Emerging Leader Program

Young adults are not only the leaders of tomorrow … they’re leaders of today

There are thoughtful, driven, and passionate young adults on every campus. Each year, Resonate works with campus ministers to select 12 undergraduate or graduate students to participate in the Emerging Leaders program.

The Emerging Leader is a leadership development program that equips young adults for ministry, both right now and in the future, by offering:

  • Financial support for students so they can devote more time to campus ministry without the need for a part-time job
  • An opportunity to get hands-on experience helping to plan, organize, and lead campus ministry worship services, gatherings, and other events
  • An opportunity to focus on personal growth and development for ministry

Guidance and support from a trusted mentor, such as a CRC campus minister or another ministry leader

Tian (right) and Rick Mast, a Resonate campus minister at the University of Alberta. Rick discipled Tian and she's been an important leader for the campus ministry!

“This experience has definitely taught me that in some form or another I am called to ministry. I always thought I would simply volunteer as a worship leader but I know that I want to pursue more leadership roles. After this year of ministry I will be taking a position as a Worship Director at another church in the Chicago area and am very excited to see what God has in store for me.”

“Going forward into pastoral ministry, I feel an increased responsibility to learn from a diverse set of teachers, so that when I teach my own cultural understanding is balanced to reflect the diversity of the world. I cannot pretend to speak for all people, but I can certainly point to them and encourage others to listen to their stories.”

“As a Christian, God calls us to lead a life worthy of our calling, following the perfect example of Jesus. That means showing God’s love and grace in every part of our lives, something I’ve really taken to heart this year.”

“As an Emerging Leader, I have been considering scripture through a Reformed lens and meeting with Paula Triezenberg, a spiritual director in the CRC who helped me understand that I already abide in God, and God in me. It’s right there in 1 John 4, but, because my training focused on works and striving, I somehow missed it. This new understanding has created a profound paradigm shift that has deeply affected me, my ministry, and my leadership.”