On June 18, 1888, the synod of what would later be known as the Christian Reformed Church in North America appointed a five-member committee to lead the denomination in cross-cultural missions. For a Dutch-speaking church barely thirty years old with just ten thousand members, this was a very big step. God blessed the work of this new movement, and the CRC went on to build a reputation of passion for mission around the world. For much of this time, the domestic and international work was divided between two different agencies—Christian Reformed Home Missions and Christian Reformed World Missions. In 2017, these two agencies formed Resonate Global Mission, a single agency with a global focus.

Resonate Global Mission, through several name changes, has led the Christian Reformed Church in obedience to the Great Commission for more than 125 years. The work of missionaries has grown the global church in amazing ways. Yet despite the Church's exponential growth, more than 1.5 billion people still have not heard the Gospel. There are more than seven thousand unreached people groups, and cross-cultural missions remains absolutely essential. Resonate continues to do its part both in North America and around the world by sending missionaries, planting churches, developing missional leaders, and changing lives.

One day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord—but what about today? Our work is not finished! People all over the world are hungry to hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

As we move forward with a new agency and a new name, we believe that our denomination stands before its greatest opportunity yet. Resonate Global Mission will have an immense body of expertise to draw on, and with support from mission-minded congregations and donors, we will help people in every nation and from every nation discover God’s plan for their church, community, and life.