• March 20, 2019

    The Art of Salvation

    “[Elena] always had in her heart the desire to create something,” said Tomas Ivens, pastor of Ethnos Community Church, a Resonate Global Mission church plant in Bellflower, California.

    Like many people in her community, Elena worked hard to pay her bills each month, but there was never money left over to pursue her creative interests. She was also worried about her teenage son, who was struggling.

    But then she heard about Ethnos Art Connections, a free arts program developed by Ethnos Community Church. Elena did not just find art—she found salvation.

  • March 7, 2019

    Collaborating to Keep People Warm

    As the winter weather enveloped Seattle, Washington, a group of students and church plant members embraced the neighborhood around them.

    Serving People Who Live on the Streets

    Bitter cold and snow settled across the United States this winter, striking even unexpected cities with record snowfall. Seattle, known for more rain than snow, was one of those cities.

  • January 17, 2019

    Working Together for the Kingdom of Christ

    Imagine living in the same neighborhood, the same house, for nearly 60 years. You can walk your block with your eyes closed. You know every creaky floorboard in your home, every squeaky cupboard door, every scuff and smudge. The kitchen is not just a kitchen; it’s where your children and family friends gathered, year after year, for meals. Now, imagine someone forcing you to move out.

    That’s what happened to Miss Addie. She was 102 when her landlord sold the house she had rented for decades in Houston, Texas’ historic Third Ward neighborhood and told her to move out.

  • January 17, 2019

    Sharing Faith through Everyday Rhythms

    When Craig and Jeanine Broek moved to Denver, Colorado, they quickly discovered that even though there were a lot of church buildings in their neighborhood, people were not really "into churches." With help from Resonate Global Mission, they started The Table—a ministry that serves Denver’s Platte Park neighborhood  with gardens, dinners, Bible studies, and worship gatherings. The Table quickly became a safe place for people to explore Christianity.


  • January 7, 2019

    Intergenerational Mission Committee Strives to Engage the Entire Church in Mission

    Rehoboth Christian Reformed Church in Rehoboth, New Mexico, wants everyone in the church involved in mission. That’s why they formed a mission committee spanning three generations, from a high school sophomore to a former missionary now in her 90s.

    Mae Kruis and her late husband, Rich, served as missionaries in Rehoboth and the surrounding area for many years. “Jesus commands us to go out and tell the gospel,” she said. “[Rich and I] both felt that way about it. We were very interested in bringing more people to the Lord.”