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Note: Read the introduction to the Used Tires series to learn the meaning behind the metaphor.

When Alejandrina Jorge moved to Batey Mojarra to be the new principal at Pena de Horeb Christian School, she had some reservations.

“The community was known to be a place where there were lots of spiritual struggles,” recalls Alejandrina. “There was a big voodoo temple where many people came to practice witchcraft. It was the poorest community in the region.”

Used Tires in the Dominican Republic

In the early 1990s, Resonate missionaries evacuated Liberia and ended formal ministry among the Muslim Vai people with feelings of disappointment and hopelessness. But they also knew that the hope of the gospel would continue to echo in the hearts of people you reached there.

“Only a few people had turned to Christ over the years of ministry, and political unrest was turning into civil war,” says Ron Geerlings, West Africa regional leader for Resonate.

Finding Hope

Finding Hope, Returning Home

Ronnie Lopez’s passion for the Reformed faith stems from his time growing up in the Philippines. That’s where, 50 years ago, he met Vince Apostol, Resonate Global Mission’s first missionary to this country, and became a member and seminary student in the CRC of the Philippines.

“It’s embedded in me,” Lopez said of the Reformed worldview. “And the moment you understand it, it leads you to a life of gratitude in the Lord.”

Embedded Faith: From the Philippines to Texas

New beginnings can be disorienting. As Eunji Choi found, sometimes God’s calling can be hard to hear or understand in the midst of doubt and disappointment.

Eunji transferred to Iowa State University (ISU) from her university in Korea in 2013 and soon began participating in Ames Korean Campus Ministry activities sponsored by Ames Korean Christian Reformed Church, just down the road from her campus. She connected to the church community, leading worship with the praise team.

Finding Home at Ames Campus Ministry

Shaking starts as Resonate missionary Larry Spalink sits in his office in Tokyo. “I feel a little seasick and it continues for a little over a minute,” he recalls.

It’s 2018, almost seven years after “the big one” that hit in March 2011—the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown that killed nearly 18,000 people—and Japan is still plagued by aftershocks from that earthquake.

Word and Deed During Disaster in Japan


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