An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

Amy’s past experience with organized faith communities left her skeptical. As a law student at the University of Calgary with a passion for social justice and advocating for marginalized communities, she wasn’t sure where faith fit with the kind of career she wanted.

Of her church experiences, she says, “In a way, I felt unseen, like I wasn’t interesting or important enough,” recalling how her childhood church hadn’t appointed any female board members because they “believed the Bible.”

University of Calgary Campus Ministry—Where Questions are Welcome

Your gifts have brought a new understanding of God’s calling to a business owner and dental surgeon in Nicaragua

When Fatima started her own business in Chinandega, Nicaragua, she doubted her management abilities.

“I didn’t know what I produced or how much I had,” reflected Fatima. “I didn’t know what I was managing.”

Where Business Meets Mission

In many areas of our world, opportunities to gather with fellow believers are few and far between. Still, Resonate missionaries testify to the dedication and gratitude that participants express when you make such opportunities available.

Take Abioye, for example.

Abioye (not his real name) spends most of his days tending to his crops and flock while following Jesus alone. Abioye and his immediate family are the only believers in this West African Muslim village. Still, twice a year, when he has a break in his farming season, he makes a journey. (see box)

How much time and effort would you spend to get to a Christian gathering?

Nadeana, Cathryn, and Amy all came from different faith or cultural backgrounds. Yet all three found community in the Christian Reformed Church’s campus ministry.

Feelings of excitement and anticipation flooded Nadeana as she left her home country of Barbados to earn her graduate degree in eastern Canada. She also had some uncertainty. Nadeana wanted to be able to deepen her faith while at Western University in London, Ont.

3 Women from Different Backgrounds Find Community

A four-hour ride on public transportation and a 25,000 yen ticket didn’t stop a determined Mrs. Ohashi from reaching her goal.

Ohashi had been looking for ways to deepen her faith and the faith of others at her church in Niigata, Japan. Then Rev. Masao Yamashita, Back to God Ministries Japanese ministry leader, visited her church and mentioned Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) as a way for believers to encourage one another and go deeper into God’s Word.

Joy in the Journey

Jane Ejulo had deep desires for her family’s physical and spiritual well-being, but those desires quickly turned to frustration and disappointment.

Living in a northern region of Uganda, Ejulo was the only one in her family who professed faith in Christ. In addition, her business combined with her husband’s income was barely providing for their family of five. Ejulo despaired.

'Seeing the Possibilities' in Uganda

A group of 24 students already had five different teachers in their first two years of school. Five teachers who came and went. They had grown weary of meeting new teachers and many were acting out behaviorally because of it.

Although Hannah Damsteegt didn’t know this was what she was getting into when she signed up for her first year of teaching as a missionary with Resonate Global Mission at the International School of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, she quickly recognized that God had prepared her for this unique challenge.

Making Time for God in the Classroom

Amidst the coffee, corn, and cattle in the rolling mountains of Honduras’s Olancho region, the Holy Spirit has been preparing Rigoberto Juarez for ministry in an unlikely way.

Juarez left his hometown of Mangulile for gang life at a young age. His activities in the gang led him to fear for his own life. Vulnerable and helpless, Juarez fled back to Mangulile, where he eventually joined the church.

Following the Spirit in Honduras


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