An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

Fernando grew up in Querétaro, Mexico, where he was raised to practice a “fusion faith” of Roman Catholicism and ancient Aztec beliefs. When he started university, he began searching for the truth.

Fernando got involved in Compañerismo Estudiantiles A.C. (Compa), a local campus ministry program. In fusion faith, people take pieces and ideas from various religions that fit their own ideas. Compa set Fernando on course with Christ.

Discipling Young Adults in Mexico

Pentecostal Theological College, a Resonate partner in Uganda, invites Muslim students from an Islamic university to use their soccer field. "They come here and play soccer with our students," said Principal Erich Ogulu. "By being here playing soccer, some of them might get converted because of the way they see our students behaving towards them ... we think that kind of relationship is so helpful in making us to be seen as salt and light of the world."

On Mission 13: Erich Ogulu

If you had asked Resonate Global Mission volunteer Josué a few years ago what he was planning on doing after college, he definitely would not have said “missions.”

“I had spent my whole life serving in church, and I was finishing my university studies. Honestly, I was looking for a job in order to have an excuse to pull away from serving so much in church,” said  Josué.

Reimagining Calling

Vladimir* tried drugs for the first time as a 15-year-old while living in a small Eastern European town. Twenty years later, your support helped him return to plant a church.

An unstable childhood.

Both Vlad’s father and grandfather were dedicated military colonels. Proud to have a son to follow in his footsteps, Vlad’s father sent him to study at a military academy as a young boy.

From Addict to Church Planter

You empowered a community to grow physically, spiritually, and relationally.

Reverend Wilson Nguu has three jobs in Kirigi Village in Embu, Kenya: he is a pastor, a public school teacher, and a subsistence coffee farmer.

He is a diligent and capable worker, but pastors in his region are not paid, and teachers do not make enough money to support themselves and their families. So, like many people in his community, Wilson relies on farming to help feed his family.

Spiritual Growth, Bountiful Harvest

You connected a young, single mother to a church. You showed her she can rely on God.

Bright, motivated, and adventurous, Olu* moved from the West African country of Togo to Michigan in the United States to enroll in a Ph.D. program at Western Michigan University (WMU). She was happily engaged to be married to another student from Togo she met during her studies, but with her family living so far away, she often felt isolated living alone in a strange country.

Faith Restored

When a teenager in Degand, Haiti, saw the problems a run-down road was causing his community, he did not rely on local authorities to act. He fixed the road himself.

A section of a bustling road near Corrioland Elucson’s (called Dukens) home was cracking and crumbling. Hundreds of people use the road every day—their cars and motorcycles jolting as they careen over potholes, cracks, and loose patches of pavement. The road had been falling apart for months, and local authorities had not stepped in to repair it.

It Takes a Teen to Fix a Road

Youth in Honduras are often told that their opinions do not matter, but IMPACT clubs are building a generation of Christians who are told their ideas matter—and they aren't afraid to take on tough issues in their communities.

IMPACT Clubs: Honduras


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