An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

God often uses the intersection of our passions in ministry to make the gospel more vivid. For Lorri Scholten, those passions are teaching and translation.

Lorri serves with Resonate Global Mission and Wycliffe Bible Translators by teaching first and second grade to a small group of missionary children at Oaxaca Christian School in Oaxaca, Mexico, so other missionaries are free devote their time and attention to translating Scripture.

Teaching and Translation in Mexico

LCC International University, a Resonate Global Mission partner in Lithuania, is best described as a place of transformation. LCC provides a Christian education for students from 38 countries around the world, but many of them—if not most of them—aren't Christians. Learn more about the mission field of LCC and how the community transforms the lives of students, faculty, and staff as they engage a Christian worldview together.

A Place of Transformation

Growing up in a family that did not believe in God, Christianity was not on Kurt’s radar. But when he began attending Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ), where many Resonate missionaries teach, the Holy Spirit stirred inside him.

CAJ does not only teach children for missionaries. The school also attracts both local and expat students who come from non-Christian homes.

Students like Kurt.

Discipling Students to Bring Faith Home

When a librarian frustrated by bullying in her Middle Eastern school asked God for help, he answered.

The school was plagued by bullying. Older students shoved younger students in the hallways and knocked them to the ground on the playground.

They taunted and insulted one another in the classrooms. The teachers were so focused on trying to keep the kids from fighting and name-calling that learning took a backrow seat.

Still, discipline would not phase the students. As soon as teachers turned their backs, students were back to bullying.

The Holy Spirit’s Approach to Bullying

In the midst of recent social, economic, and political upheaval in Nicaragua, Finances for the Kingdom graduates like Ricardo and Violeta* have one less thing to worry about.

“We all live day-to-day in Nicaragua,” said Jesse Rodriguez, a Resonate Global Mission missionary. “Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Americas, with low levels in education, health, and economic income. The political crisis has made life unpredictable.”

Financial Peace in a Time of Uncertainty

Just like Jonah, God called Ken Lee to a place where he didn’t want to go. Now, he’s more passionate than ever to live into his calling and proclaim the gospel.

Ken Lee and his wife, Jeannie, are Resonate missionaries serving with Reformed churches in Japan. With only about 1% of Japan’s population claiming to be Christian, Ken teaches and empowers Japanese young adults to live out their faith in one of the most unreached countries in the world.

Two years after receiving a call to become a missionary, God called Ken to seminary. He was nervous, but God reassured him.

Jonah in Japan

For college and university students, graduation often comes with mixed emotions—exciting yet intimidating; rewarding yet confusing. Even if you found your calling and made lifetime friends at school, what will those things look like after you are no longer a student?

At Iowa State University (ISU) in Ames, Iowa, Tyler Helfers works to help answer some of these questions from a Reformed perspective. And you have joined him through your support for Resonate Global Mission.

Beyond the Classroom

Training the Next Generation of Leaders

Each year, missionaries in the Philippines lead a 50-day Vacation Bible School for thousands.

This year was no different: their record crowd of kids exceeded 6,000.

Some of the leaders there were teachers from nearby Christian schools with new training from Resonate. Paul Yu, Resonate’s Regional Leader for East and Central Asia, hopes that learning from Educational Care training will help these teachers incorporate their faith into their teaching.

Educational Care Goes Beyond the Classroom

Last winter, as temperatures dropped in Vancouver, Christian and Muslim students from Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) came together for their community. They worked to assemble fifty bags of toiletries, food items, and warm hats and clothes for those in the area experiencing homelessness and went to Surrey Urban Mission, a local Christian ministry center, to hand them out.

“The idea was to express that both traditions are keen on serving the poor,” said Ethan van der Leek, a Resonate campus chaplain at KPU. Both faiths emphasize a God of love, forgiveness, and mercy.

Coming Together, Caring Together


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