An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

Hong* felt fulfilled in life—she had a rewarding job as a teacher in one of Asia’s largest cities and a leadership position in her church. But then her school closed last year, and she entered a season of uncertainty. Adding to her unease, Hong knew her mother was growing more dependent as she aged.  

“This season of uncertainty has been tough on Hong, but it’s also been a time of exploring where God is calling her,” said Regina*, a Resonate Global Mission missionary who has worked with Hong for many years through ministry leadership trainings.

Discerning God’s Call in Seasons of Uncertainty

“I’m not the pastor. I’m just the temporary leader, and I want to stress temporary,” Rumduol told Resonate Global Mission missionary Justin Van Zee.

Rumduol has been a “temporary” leader at her church in Cambodia for two years while her husband is away, working in a factory in South Korea.

In rural Cambodia, many families struggle to make ends meet. There aren’t enough jobs, and most families rely on subsistence farming to produce enough food for their families. Those who do have a harvest leftover earn measly profits in the market.

Driver for Change

Nadeana was not a leader. At least, that’s what she believed before beginning her internship with Western Campus Ministry. Now she’s encouraging other students to be leaders too.

Western Campus Ministry is a Christian Reformed Church campus ministry in Ontario supported in part by Resonate Global Mission. When the team launched a Bible study, Mike Wagenman—campus pastor and Nadeana’s mentor—encouraged Nadeana to lead it. But she was intimidated. She had never been in a leadership position and said no.

Redefining Leadership through Campus Ministry

“I have always heard, my whole life, that God loves me unconditionally and that if I follow his directions then that is good and everything will turn out OK,” said Josh, a fourth-year student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario.

But Josh doubted whether he measured up to God’s ways. Raised in church, he earnestly sought God and desired to share God’s love with others—but questions plagued Josh’s mind.

“I was wondering about my actual effect on others. Am I actually loving those around me? Am I doing as Jesus would do? How do I know?”

There’s More to the Gospel

When Grace decided to follow Jesus, she wanted to grow spiritually. But outside of meeting for worship, Grace’s church didn’t have discipleship opportunities for believers to walk alongside one another to grow in relationship with God.

“We don’t really have fellowship where we share the word in-depth and also share about our life experiences together—smile together, cry together, laugh together—it’s not there,” said Grace.

Disciples Make Disciples

Seeing a university president sitting in a school desk and taking an exam isn’t an everyday sight, but that’s exactly what Dr. Nelson Ahilijah did.

President of Ghana Christian University College, Ahilijah is one of many leaders who trained in Ghana with Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML), an international ministry that focuses on bridging the gap between the marketplace and Christ by teaching people to do their work for God’s glory.

Sending Disciples into the Marketplace

“In West Africa, the teaching profession is not highly valued,” said Sebastian*, a Resonate Global Mission missionary. “As a result, it is rare to find those who enter the profession out of a calling and passion to teach.”

And then along came a carpenter.

Along Came a Carpenter

“It seems like everything is normal, but you have to be careful about what you say, where you go, and when,” said Alicia Navarrete, a Resonate Global Mission missionary who serves at the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguans are adjusting to a “new normal” after 2018’s political protests forced businesses to close, cost people their jobs, and resulted in death, injury, and arrests for many. Today, people continue to live in grief and are anxious about the future. 

Providing Hope in Nicaragua’s ‘New Normal’

The church in Cambodia is young, and so are its leaders. That’s why Resonate missionaries Gil and Joyce Suh come alongside young, first-generation Christian leaders like Narith* to disciple, train, and mentor them—like a Barnabas to many young Pauls.

Narith is a leader of a ministry in Cambodia called Gatekeepers. Gil describes him as “an extremely gifted young leader”—but he’s also married with children, and it’s difficult in Cambodia to support a family through ministry alone.

A Barnabas to Many Young Pauls


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