An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

When Saturnino Perez was a teenager, he dreamt of improving the lives of people in his community. Now, he’s mobilizing hundreds of youth in the Dominican Republic to do just that.

The need for an impact.

People in the Dominican Republic encounter many challenges, particularly the youth. Many drop out of school to help provide for their families, but are unable to find a job due to the country’s lack of opportunities and turn to criminal acts such as prostitution, drug trafficking, and theft for a source of income.

The Power of Youth

Students from Nicaragua Christian Academy International (NCAI), a Resonate Global Mission partner, are defying the barriers of classroom walls and working together to join God’s mission in their community.

Last year, students and teachers from all classrooms and all grade levels collaborated to engage service-learning projects on their campus and in partnership with local organizations. Once a month, they expanded their classroom walls to share God's love with their neighbors.

Faith in Action

Mary* was alone in her motel room on East Colfax Avenue in Aurora, Col., one of the poorest neighborhoods of metropolitan Denver. The dingy space is her home for now.

At 52 years old, Mary felt trapped in a cycle of poverty and addiction where she sold her body to anyone willing to buy. Growing up in a broken home, she always wanted more for her own life and family—but her marriage fell apart and she struggled to raise five children by herself. She turned to prostitution because she saw no other solution.

Then one night, Shawn and Diane Sikkema knocked on her door.

Trapped in Prostitution and Poverty

“Individuals with disabilities are often included somewhere—and then they’re left behind,” said Peter Gordon, a campus minister at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). “I’m always trying to propel the students forward. What next?”

Hailey was a freshman at GRCC when she first stumbled upon the table Peter set up for Jabez Ministries, a Christian Reformed campus ministry supported by Resonate Global Mission that primarily serves students with disabilities.

Campus Ministry Sparks Lifelong Leadership

Pastor Heber and his wife, Monica, studied at All Nations Seminary in their hometown of Juárez, Mexico—and learned from Resonate missionaries how to plant and organize churches according to God's design. After graduation, they moved to another city to work for a new church. But even though their ministry was in another city, God was working in surprising ways back in Juárez.

Equipped to Plant

Church plants are key to bringing the gospel to unreached areas. But how do church plants work? And who will do the planting? With Resonate’s help, John Granada  is learning these things firsthand.

John felt a call to church planting after serving at Vida Nueva, a CRC church plant in Miami, Florida, for 14 years.

“It was a process of discerning a desire prompted by the Spirit,” said John. “I was envisioning, dreaming, and considering how God had gifted me and my family to serve. We were waiting to see what place he would lead us to.”

Preparing to Plant

Andrea de los Santos was one of many children living in poverty in Sabana Grande de Boyá, Dominican Republic. Intelligent and driven, she had dreams of becoming a medical doctor—but her parents could barely afford to provide for her basic needs, let alone a good education.

When Andrea was granted sponsorship to a Christ-centered education through Colegios Cristianos Reformados (COCREF) schools, a Resonate Global Mission partner, it seemed her dreams of practicing medicine were finally in reach.

But God had a different purpose for Andrea’s education.

Purposefully Placed to Serve God

Discipline often has a negative connotation, but one West African teacher was transformed when she discovered she could discipline her students while still sharing God’s love.

“[Bemi* has] a real heart for her students and a heart for God,” said a missionary sent by Resonate Global Mission.

But Bemi also grew up in a culture where discipline is primarily negative and threatening.

Transformed through Discipline


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