An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

“I didn’t grow up in a very typical Christian home or family,” said Monica, a student involved in Campus Ministry @ Grand Valley State University, a Resonate Global Mission partner in Michigan.

Monica’s parents divorced when she was too young to remember, and her dad had never really gone to church. But when Monica was 8, her mom started taking her to church; by high school, Monica was following Jesus and actively involved in her church.

God’s Love Heals

It’s Sunday morning. Families are finding seats, people are grabbing one last cup of coffee before the service and, chances are, college students seeking a church are walking through your doors. How does your church meaningfully engage these students? We spoke with Mark Wallace, campus ministry leader for Resonate Global Mission, about the best ways for congregations to receive college students. Here are his top five suggestions:


5 Ways Your Church Can Receive College Students

When Heng Li fell away from God, he walked through what he calls “the darkest valley.” But God gave him hope when he attended a movie night hosted by Nancy Smith, international student ministry leader at Geneva House, a Resonate Global Mission campus ministry partner at Queen’s University in Ontario.

Unsteady Faith

Heng became a Christian in China after his aunt invited him to church. Even though the rest of his family disapproved of his faith, he was baptized a year later.

Finding God in Movies: Part One

“Depression stole my life in every way imaginable,” said Leenza Thompson, a student at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. “[I felt] completely empty at some points, like I was just a shell of a human ... I really felt like I was a waste of space on earth. I felt that no one could ever love me.”

Then Leenza joined a discipleship huddle through Resonate Global Mission partner Geneva House campus ministry. There she began to discover her identity as loved by God and was able to take her first steps toward healing.

Loved By God

Fresh out of Calvin Theological Seminary, Paul Verhoef was called to serve as the first Christian Reformed chaplain at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta. He recalls arriving at his newly renovated, freshly painted office on August 3, 2004, and looking around.

There was no furniture in the room. The office was just a 10-by-10-foot space connected to seven other empty offices along a common hallway and joined by a gathering space, said Paul. A new thing was starting, but work had to be done.

A Campus Pastor Asks, What If We Were No Longer Here?

Educators around the world want to improve their teaching skills, but many do not have access to affordable training. That’s where you stepped in. Thanks to you, Resonate Global Mission was able to provide Educational Care, a learning program of Raise Up Global Ministries facilitated by Resonate Global Mission, for teachers so they understand that, through their teaching, they can share the love of Christ with their students.

You Equipped Teachers to Transform Classrooms

“It is difficult to plant a church in Maasai land,” said Resonate’s regional leader for Eastern and Southern Africa. He has seen worship attendance at Maasai churches dry up when the water does.

A Changed Place


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