An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

Sometimes, seeing transformation takes longer than we hope or expect. Resonate missionary Elaine Lee was leading a Coffee Break group in Tijuana, Mexico, when a woman approached her.

"I don't like to talk. I don't want to read the Bible," the woman told Elaine.

It took more than a year, but God completely transformed this woman! Now, she's leading a group!

On Mission 17: Elaine Lee

God is providing a way for educators to transform Nigeria’s classrooms through Educational Care, a Resonate Global Mission initiative and curriculum of Raise Up Global Ministries.

Limited Training for Teachers

As Stella Pam Yak observed another teacher’s lesson on the types of rocks one day, she noticed the students fidgeting in their seats or staring blankly at the teacher while she talked. Very few of them would be able to walk outside the classroom door and identify the various rocks scattered throughout the school grounds.

Transforming Nigeria One Teacher, One Classroom, One School at a Time

College is always a busy time for young adults. For students like Pravena and Amira, who joined Resonate Global Mission partner International Campus Ministry, college has also been a time to explore new service opportunities and grow as leaders.

Motivated to Serve

When Pravena came to Western Michigan University (WMU) in the fall of 2018, she had a desire to serve. “I have always wanted to do some sort of voluntary work and to just give back to people but never had the right platform to do so,” she said.

Serving Lunch and Equipping Student Leaders

HIV positive from birth, David wasn’t growing like a child should. His small, wiry frame made him look too young for school—but that didn’t stop him from causing trouble at Calvary Chapel in Uganda.

David’s teachers learned the real reason he was acting out, however, when you sent Resonate Global Mission missionaries to provide gospel-centered training.

You Changed David’s Life

Jake Bakker and Jeison Rodriguez graduated from university in two different countries—but they both had questions about what God was calling them to do and what role faith could play in their daily life. 

They found a way to explore their callings through Resonate Global Mission’s Cohort in Central America, a year-long experience for young adults from Central America and North America to serve in a local grassroots ministry, live in community, and engage in deep spiritual formation. 

Young Adults Explore Their Callings in Central America

Resonate Global Mission missionaries and the churches they work with use Christmas as an opportunity to share the gospel with people who rarely set foot in church. Last Christmas, Sunday School teachers at a church in Honduras staged a pageant.

Equipped to Share the Gospel

“Kids who come to church often invite their friends from school or next door to join them,” said Caspar Geisterfer, Resonate Global Mission missionary in Honduras.

Hearing the Christmas Story

Albina accepted Christ when she was eight years old, but when she enrolled at Resonate Global Mission partner LCC International University in Lithuania ten years later, she discovered that she could have a deep relationship with Jesus. She committed to following him wholeheartedly.

Practicing Religion

Albina grew up in a Christian Orthodox home. Two or three times a year, she and her family would go to church in their small Ukrainian town.

‘I Want to Make This Christian Walk My Own Walk’

Drugs and gangs are a reality for many in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. But thanks to Resonate Global Mission missionaries Dan and Jeananne Kuiper and their partners in ministry, a light for Christ is shining through the darkness.

Changing a Neighborhood

In Loma Blanca, a rural community of Juárez, Pastor Sergio Cardona and his daughter, Candy Cardona Sandoval, planted a church and began a Christian school on the church grounds.

A Light in the Barrio


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