An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

This year, Resonate Global Mission missionary Stan Kruis’ church-planting class spent three days with the Badjao people along the coast of the Philippines.

Also known as “Sea Gypsies,” the Badjao are people who live along the coast in boats or small bamboo houses built on stilts. Many of them earn their livelihoods from the ocean by working as fishermen and pearl divers, and many are from a Muslim background.

Anytime someone steps out in mission, only God knows the results. That’s why Stan and his wife, Bessie, asked you to pray.

When God Abundantly Answers Your Prayers

Thanks to a recent donation of children’s books, kids at Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA) in Nejapa are getting excited about reading—and Resonate Global Mission missionary Susan Benthem said it’s a big answer to prayer. 

Out with the Old

Susan and her husband Jared serve with Resonate in Nicaragua, where Susan works as an academic dean at NCA Nejapa. Earlier this year, she noticed the books in the school library were getting old.

“Kids weren’t really checking them out,” said Susan. Kids weren’t reading.

Small Books Were a Big Answer to Prayer in Nicaragua

Walking the streets of Japan’s busiest cities, you’ll come across very few Christians. Among Christians, you’ll come across even fewer young adults. It’s alarming for both the present and future of churches in Japan.

“The existing Japanese churches are rapidly aging and fragile due to a lack of young people,” said Resonate Global Mission missionary Ken Lee, who serves in Japan with his wife Jeannie. 

But God is raising up more young adults to be leaders in Japan’s churches—and he’s doing it through persistent prayer.

Raising Up Young Adults through Persistent Prayer

When one of Allie's friends died by suicide, she spiraled into depression.

"When she died, I didn't know what to do with myself anymore," said Allie.

"I didn't know why I was still living. that made me really sad and really hopeless. Trying to reckon with that brought me to the point of suicide."

In the hospital, Allie found comfort reading the Psalms. She thought maybe she could find a way through it with God—and then a friend invited her to Guelph Campus Ministry, a Resonate partner in Ontario. It changed her life.


"Working with pain on our heart is really difficult," said Daniel, a pastor who works with the Nehemiah Center, a Resonate Global Mission partner in Nicaragua. "Sometimes pastors ... they are afraid to show that they are weak because they are the pastor."

But pastors working with the Nehemiah Center are witnessing God use painful memories and experiences to help heal their hearts.


Healing Hearts

Ever since the social political crisis shook Nicaragua in April 2018, people have been living in pain. But pastors working with the Nehemiah Center, a Resonate Global Mission partner, are witnessing God use painful memories and experiences to draw people near to him. 

Feeling Trapped in Pain

The crisis in Nicaragua traumatized a lot of people. People were killed or wounded in violent protests and differing ideologies caused rifts in relationships. People looked to Lourdes, pastor of Getsemani Assemblies of God in Leon, for guidance. 

Finding Hope in the Lord

When Massiel was struck by a motorcycle in 2016, she thought her life was over. But thanks to leadership training that you made possible through your support of Resonate, she knows that God isn’t finished with her story.

God Works for Good

What do two Christian pastors and two Muslim sheiks have in common?

It’s not a joke, but a question that ministry leaders from North America recently asked as they joined Resonate Global Mission on a trip to the Middle East. As part of the Peer to Peer Interfaith Network, ministry leaders like Jordan Palladino learned how they can better share the gospel with people from a variety of cultures and faiths.

A Community of Support for Interfaith Ministry Leaders

Jenifer thought she had left her childhood trauma far behind her—but it was affecting her relationships and ministry in the church.

“Time alone does not heal wounds,” she said.

But God does.

When Jenifer attended a trauma-healing workshop facilitated by your Resonate ministry partner, the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua, she was able to confront her pain and seek healing from God.

Time Doesn’t Heal; God Heals


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