An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

When Manqoba moved from South Africa to work toward his Ph.D. at Western Michigan University, God started working in his heart. He gave his life to Christ and is now growing in his faith through International Campus Ministry, a Resonate partner at Western Michigan University that ministers with the more than 1,500 international students on campus!


Cody Zuiderveen was living his childhood dream of serving as an international missionary—and then God called him back to the United States. Now, his experience in cross-cultural ministry with Resonate Global Mission in Haiti is helping him disciple students as a campus minister at his alma mater.

From Haiti to the United States

When Cohort Detroit met together for the first time in February 2020, they had no idea how COVID-19 would affect their city and the neighborhoods they serve. Within a few short weeks, Detroit reported more cases of the coronavirus than any other Michigan city (or entire county).

“We did not anticipate that what lay ahead would involve keeping social distance from our neighbors and each other,” said Nathan Groenewold, director of Cohort Detroit.

Cohort Detroit during COVID-19: ‘It Can Take a Crisis to Prove that the Church Is the Church’

When Oscar committed his life to Christ, he needed an encouraging community that could help him grow—but he wouldn’t easily find that community on his campus in Querétaro, Mexico. That’s where you stepped in.

A Need for Support

Like many people in Querétaro, Oscar comes from a Roman Catholic background that is mixed with ancient Aztec beliefs. He knew that Jesus died on a cross, but he didn’t understand what that meant until he went to church with his brother. Captivated by the grace and love of God, he committed himself to following Jesus.

Your Support for University Students in Mexico Is Crucial to Ministry

After participating in Educational Care Training with Resonate Global Mission, Mr. Lim (not real name) returned to his home in East Asia and was visited by the police—four times.

Where Mr. Lim lives, it’s illegal to share the gospel and the government keeps a close eye on all religious organizations and activities. Nevertheless, Mr. Lim is determined to provide a Christian education for students at the school where he serves as principal. 

Blessed Are the Persecuted

When you were last worshiping at church, did you wonder if the police would come and arrest you for your faith?

Have you ever needed to hide in a closet so the raging mob outside your house didn’t see you through your window?

Have any of your friends or family members mysteriously disappeared after they accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior?

Christians throughout the world are risking their freedom—and even their lives—for their faith in Jesus. But they’re not alone. They have you.

Stories We Can't Tell: 10 Baptisms

When news of the coronavirus hit Haiti, the message to wash hands was loud and clear to the public—but the means to wash hands wasn’t accessible for everyone. Access to clean, fresh water is a major concern in Haiti everyday. During a pandemic, the need for clean water is even greater.

One Resonate Global Mission IMPACT club decided to fill that need.

IMPACT Clubs in Haiti Set Up Handwashing Stations for COVID-19

Pastoring a church can be lonely, hard work—but the Nehemiah Center, a Resonate Global Mission partner in Nicaragua, is bringing pastors together for prayer and support that’s shaping ministry.

Heavy Burdens of Leadership

Adolfo and Martha are pastors of the Central Church of God in Chinandega, Nicaragua. They lead a compassion ministry at their church, and Adolfo also oversees 30 other churches in his region that are part of his denomination.

United in Prayer


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