An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

Resonate Global Mission missionaries Charles and Hensel Oh in the Philippines have started a taco shop ministry.

“Almost everyone can get a job here in this country … but the jobs they can easily get pay no more than 60 cents per hour after taxes and Social Security,” said Charles. After rent, food bills, and transportation costs, the meager salaries aren’t enough for people to live on.

“Just barely enough to survive,” said Charles.

A Ministry to "Taco ‘Bout"

While at a crossroads in her life, Makie Onoda found her calling, thanks to a volunteer ministry trip with Resonate Global Mission missionaries Ken and Jeannie Lee. But it was only after she became too ill to serve that Makie sensed the urgency of God’s call.

Out of Illness

This past spring, Ken Herfst and students from Redeemer University College in Ontario walked the narrow streets of a slum settled on the outskirts of Guatemala City’s main dump.

Thousands of people hustled in the sun’s early morning rays to scavenge through mounds of garbage, filling bags with food, glass, aluminum, and other commodities they can use or sell.

Building God's Kingdom

Thank you for supporting Resonate Global Mission missionaries who serve at Nicaragua Christian Academy International (NCAI)!

Resonate partner NCAI is more than a school—it's a community that equips students to transform the world for the gospel.




More Than a School

“What does resilience mean?” 

Resonate Global Mission missionary Megan Ribbens stood among a class of seventh-grade students at Kingsway Christian School in Johannesburg, South Africa. The day before, none of the students knew the meaning of the word “resilience.” But that day, after playing with rubber bands, a girl raised her hand and described resilience as “the ability to bounce back.” 

And these students need the ability to bounce back, said their teacher Ms. Ntombi.

Through Their Eyes


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