An increasing number of diverse leaders equipped to participate in God’s mission of saving the lost and renewing all things.

Maura was an isolated teenager who didn’t take faith seriously. But then she joined an IMPACT club facilitated by the Nehemiah Center, a Resonate Global Mission partner in Nicaragua, and her life took a new direction.

A New Direction

Estefany and Jefferson recently graduated from Tesoros de Dios, a Resonate Global Mission ministry partner in Nicaragua that provides education and therapy for people with disabilities. But today, Tesoros de Dios continues to provide a supportive Christian community for Estefany and Jefferson to grow in their identities as children of God—even as alumni.

Discovering a Sense of Purpose

Students at International School Tegucigalpa (IST), a Resonate Global Mission ministry partner in Honduras, have started a recycling campaign that’s reaching their school, community, and beyond.

A Need to Care for God’s Creation

In Honduras, just as in many places throughout the world, not everyone recycles. Many people who do not recycle may have never been taught about the effects on the environment, or they don’t have easy access to disposing of trash or recyclables. 

High School Students Lead the Way in Creation Care

Resonate Global Mission missionary Diana Boot should have been wrapping up a whirlwind cycle of Educational Care training with educators in Uganda and Kenya—but in late March, COVID-19 hit: schools closed and teachers weren’t able to meet for training.

After consulting with doctors and Resonate leaders, Diana thought it wise to return to Canada. She took one of the last flights out of the country before borders closed and has been continuing ministry as an encouraging mentor from her home in Ontario.

COVID-19 in Uganda: An Uncertain Future

"Our calling is to serve these children," said Benard, the director of A Little Heaven on Earth School. Benard founded the school after he participated in Educational Care training led by Resonate missionary Diana Boot. A curriculum of Raise Up Global Ministries, Resonate missionaries like Diana use Educational Care to equip teachers to share the gospel in their classrooms. 

A Little Heaven on Earth

In Cambodia, many people believe in spirits that can inhabit lands, buildings, or even people. Such was the case of Pok.

Pok and his wife, Oeun, live with their two children in Toul Sala, a village where you send Resonate missionaries Navy Chann-Chhay and Ly Chhay to train Christian leaders. Just an hour’s drive from the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh, the land is greener and the pace of life is a little slower.

Filled with the Holy Spirit


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