An increasing number of diverse and inclusive local networks that unite God’s people to work for the spiritual and social transformation of their communities.

Twenty-six-year-old Eliud Wambua lives with his family in Nairobi, Kenya’s, Mathare slum. Homes, engineered from scrap materials like corrugated metal, are situated along dirt roads that are littered with trash and that flood when it rains.

There is too much alcohol and not enough clean water, too few schools and not enough jobs. When people can’t work, Eliud notes, crime rates rise.

Amplifying Voices in Nairobi

Otieno Oguok is a new Resonate Global Mission leader working in Nairobi, Kenya. In this letter to you, he shares how God called him to this city and gave him a vision for spreading the gospel.

My entry into Nairobi shattered my dreams.

I grew up in a village, but I always had a fascination with the city, its promises, and possibilities. My father died shortly after I was in high school. He was our family’s only breadwinner. With dreams and aspirations, I boarded a Nairobi-bound bus, pursuing the promise of a job in the city and expecting to help out our family.

Called to Nairobi

Dena Nicolai works with refugees from different countries and faith traditions who have moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. Pastor Jay Blankespoor’s congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, unexpectedly found themselves in friendship with the mosque down the street.

“We want to engage them as Christians,” said Nicolai. “We want to feel we’re well equipped to do that.”

Ministry with People of Different Faiths: What Is Real Friendship?

Resonate Global Mission missionaries Rev. Pablo and Sheryl Canché never guessed that an earthquake would rock Mexico City, Mexico—but when it did, they joined the crowds in the streets to help pick up the pieces physically, emotionally, and spiritually. "The earthquake made obvious what we knew all along: that really, truly, Jesus is the answer," said Sheryl. "Through the people with whom we work, we see this everyday."

The Cross Stands Firm

Laurianne Debanné dug her hands into warm soil.

Buildings formed a concrete fortress around her; cars rushed by on the oil-stained street; people hurried past with their eyes on their cell phones.

More than one million people call Montréal, Québec, home—but few are Christians. People live within a few steps of one another, but walls separate them. People are hungry for community.

Urban Gardens in Montréal Point People to God

Imagine living in the same neighborhood, the same house, for nearly 60 years. You can walk your block with your eyes closed. You know every creaky floorboard in your home, every squeaky cupboard door, every scuff and smudge. The kitchen is not just a kitchen; it’s where your children and family friends gathered, year after year, for meals. Now, imagine someone forcing you to move out.

That’s what happened to Miss Addie. She was 102 when her landlord sold the house she had rented for decades in Houston, Texas’ historic Third Ward neighborhood and told her to move out.

Working Together for the Kingdom of Christ

God called both Pablo and Sheryl Canche to missions in two very different ways. Now, joined in marriage, their ministry continues to grow stronger.

Pablo and Sheryl are Resonate missionaries serving in Mexico City. As Transformation Network Developers, they’re passionate about forming strong, supportive networks of Christian leaders as they work together to extend God’s kingdom.

Much like the networks they form, Pablo and Sheryl both walked distinct paths into their shared ministry.

Couple Extends God’s Kingdom through Networking

As Lauren Holwerda prepared for six months of volunteering, she heard from many people that she would have to be flexible. At the time, she didn’t know just how true that was.

A volunteer with Resonate Global Mission taking part in a Youth With a Mission program, Lauren arrived in the Philippines in September 2017, where she planned to take part in a three month missional training program before serving in Papua New Guinea for another three months.

Trusting God's Call


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