Jon De Bruyn believed in the power of prayer. Now, the Jon De Bruyn Memorial Prayer Fund will help shape the prayer lives of countless others and ignite prayer for God’s mission throughout the world.

Resonate invites you to join in God’s mission by becoming part of this powerful legacy of faith. Please join us in helping God’s people join together in prayer!


This special fund encourages deeper prayer intimacy with God through Resonate’s prayer ministry. Your gift will increase the opportunity for those in need of scholarships to participate in events like the Global Prayer Safari, Prayer Summits, and others.


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What is it?

We named this fund for Jon De Bruyn, a pastor, church planter, and man of God whose life was guided by prayer. Jon believed in the power of prayer to transform his church, community, country, and the entire world. He was devoted to studying prayer and what it means to be a praying church.

Jon’s wife, Mae, helped us to establish this fund in Jon’s memory because his passion for prayer shaped her life and relationship with God, too. Mae prayed alongside Jon throughout his ministry.

“[Prayer] has made God so much bigger than I thought,” she said. “It reinforced for me that God loves us. That my main vocation is to know myself as loved and accepted by God... and it makes me able to love others and accept others.”

Prayer ministries that need your support

Global Prayer Safari

This event brings together brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world to join together in prayer. The entire journey demonstrates complete dependence on God by praying on-site with insight in places of work, learning, and worship. Prayer sites have included Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Ethiopia.

Click here to learn more about the Global Prayer Safari

Prayer Summit

This denomination-wide event, along with many regional events, bring together pastors, denominational leadership, lay leaders, and Christians passionate about prayer. The Prayer Summit is helping build momentum for a prayer movement that reaches across the Christian Reformed Church!

Click here to learn more about the Prayer Summit


If you or someone you know is in need of a scholarship, please contact us