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North America is changing.

People from many different cultures and faiths are settling into our neighborhoods. Some of these people may never have been to church before. Some may never have even heard the name of Jesus.

But your support of church plants through Resonate makes it possible for people to find a community that is uniquely positioned to reach them. Thank you for supporting these new church plants!

Southside Christian Church of Indianapolis

When refugees from Burma (Myanmar) arrive in Indiana, they have no church community. Few speak English. They need a community where they can worship the Lord, pray with believers, and learn from Scripture in a language they understand. Some are Christians in name only and have no relationship with Christ. Some have never heard about Jesus. 

Your support of Southside Christian Church makes it possible for these newcomers to gather together, meet Jesus, and grow in relationship with him. “We are earnestly working and praying that the Lord will open the hearts of people through our ministry,” said church planter Siang Hup. Thank you for partnering with him!

International Christian Community

The Hispanic population in Wyoming, Michigan, is growing—and you’re helping to reach them by supporting International Christian Community. People from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Venezuela, and other countries are coming together and meeting Christ.

People are coming to church for the first time, hearing the gospel, and finding hope in Jesus. Church planter Robert Garcia said that new believers are telling their families, friends, and neighbors how their lives have changed since coming to faith in Jesus—and this church plant just keeps growing!

The Tapestry Nights

The Tapestry has many thriving campuses in British Columbia—but there were people in the area who often couldn’t come to Sunday-morning worship. Some people worked on Sunday mornings. Some students were on sports teams that had games and tournaments. Young adults wanted to invite their friends to worship—but to many of their friends who had never been to church, going to an event on Sunday morning seemed bizarre.

“We realized there were people we wanted to reach. There were people slipping through the cracks,” said pastor Michael Yang. With your support, they planted the Tapestry Nights, a worship community that gathers on Saturday nights for worship. Because of the Tapestry Nights, people have come to church. Many have come back to faith. People are also stepping into leadership and growing deeper in their relationship with Christ!

Thank you for making it possible for more people to hear the gospel and grow in relationship with Jesus!