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HIV positive from birth, David wasn’t growing like a child should. His small, wiry frame made him look too young for school—but that didn’t stop him from causing trouble at Calvary Chapel in Uganda.

David’s teachers learned the real reason he was acting out, however, when you sent Resonate Global Mission missionaries to provide gospel-centered training.

Trouble at School and Home

Orphaned at a young age, David’s aunt took him in, but she also had two children of her own to provide for. She left early in the morning while they were asleep, spent all day working for food, and returned late at night after they had gone to bed. David was left alone to care for himself and his two younger cousins. His aunt’s boyfriend sometimes hung around, but he only made things worse. He called David names. He hit David.

At home David held his tongue; but at school he couldn’t contain his bottled-up frustration. He’d hit and scratch his schoolmates. 

Barbara, the school administrator, and David’s teachers tried everything they could think of to stop David, but nothing worked. With each passing school year, David grew more and more bitter. More than once, teachers found him trying to commit suicide.

Overwhelmed and out of options, Barbara was on the brink of expelling David from school. But when she and other teachers participated in Educational Care, a curriculum of Raise Up Global Ministries that Resonate missionaries facilitate throughout the world. Through the training, Barbara and her colleagues learned that God could use them to help David.

Barbara, the school administrator, was on the brink of expelling David from school. But then she participated in training facilitated by your Resonate missionary. God gave her a new idea.

Transformation through School

“Teachers come alive and recognize that their work is also worship and that transformation can happen through their work,” said Resonate missionary Diana Boot.

Barbara said God changed her mindset through Educational Care. The training helped her and other teachers see David as a child of God. They learned that rather than trying to fight his bad behavior, they needed to love and care for him so they could prevent it. So Barbara and a few other teachers visited David at home.

When they showed up, David was bewildered. His teachers cared about him? Before long, things started to change.

Thank you for sending Resonate missionaries like Diana Boot to partner with teachers for gospel transformation in their schools!

Thank you!

“We resorted to loving David,” said Barbara. She and the teachers listened to David. They made sure he had enough food to eat. They let him rest when he was tired. As the days and months passed, David talked about his frustrations, rather than fighting about them. He eventually stopped stealing food, and in a few years he completed all his classes and graduated.

“By the time David graduated with us, he was a darling,” said Barbara. “He loved other kids. He would help the little ones.”

Barbara says “thank you” for sending Resonate missionaries to facilitate Educational Care training! The principles you share through Educational Care help educators like Barbara become better teachers and administrators, sharing Christ’s love in the classroom and beyond!