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Dec Appeal 2023

As university students prepare to celebrate the season with loved ones, Sara is searching for a family of faith. She has a new curiosity about Jesus, but leaving her family's religion is lonely. She is depending on your campus ministry leaders—and you—to walk with her this Christmas. 

“Will you pray for me?”

As a Christian, asking someone to pray for you might feel familiar. But for Sara, a university student with deep roots in the Sikh religion, asking your Resonate campus minister Christy Harper this question was a pivotal moment filled with uncertainty.

On university campuses around the world this Christmas, students are seeking a place of spiritual belongingand at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Sara is depending on your campus ministry for guidance as she considers the earthly weight of leaving her family’s religion to follow Jesus.

While we know that God can use any circumstance for his glory, it’s mission-minded donors who make it possible to intentionally share the eternity-changing power of the gospel by sending others. Young people need your support to send more people like Christy who can live out and share the good news. 

Sara grew up in a large and highly connected Sikh community. But as a single 40-year-old returning to university for her second career, she felt an underlying tone of shame from her religious community for not being married or having a family. She expressed feelings of rejection and blame for life events beyond her control and was curious if Christians would dishearten her the same way.

Your campus minister Christy shared a comfort that both you and I find hope inthat Jesus, who loves us unconditionally, will never disappoint us. 

That’s when something stirred inside of Sara as she cautiously asked,

“I think I want to leave my religion, and I’m curious about Christianity. Can you help me?”

I hope you will consider Sara’s request. That’s why Resonate partners with youbecause together we can help her. Will you respond to Sara’s call for help?

Sara began reading through the book of John, asking Christy questions along the way. She wondered what it meant to be born again, and what following Jesus would look like in her life. Sara’s hunger for God is apparent, but her journey is just beginning. She and many like her on campuses around the world need relationships with your ministry leaders to remain encouraged.

Understandably, Sara is hesitant about leaving the community she’s known her entire life. Taking steps toward change takes time and relationship-building, and that’s why she needs your help. Your support makes it possible for ministry leaders around the world to walk with others and provide sound guidance, wherever there’s someone like Sara who needs discipling.

So, as we anticipate the main event of the seasonremembering the birth of ChristI ask you to kindly consider making a special Christmas gift to help Sara, who has yet to hear the full story that gives us eternal hope and joy. By supporting the ministry of Resonate, you offer Sara and others like her a family of faith and a warm place to come to know Jesus, instead of spending Christmas feeling alone. Your heart behind giving helps others find purpose and healing through the greatest gift of all: the good news. 

Will you walk alongside Sara as she seeks peace and comfort in the truth of Jesus? You can send your special Christmas gift by making a quick and secure gift online right now.

Thank you for being on mission together with Resonatethroughout the year, and during a season when we as believers can collectively shine the brightest light of allJesus. May you and your loved ones experience the full joy of Christ this Christmas.

Sara’s journey toward Jesus is just beginning, and she needs your supportyou can respond to her call for help by making a special Christmas gift right now!