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Tens of thousands of Haitians fled for their lives last year.

So did your Resonate missionary Johnny Gryglewicz. As the terror of gang wars and violence struck the country, the only safe option available was to leave.

The massive upheaval has led many Haitian natives to North America—but living in a foreign country brings a new kind of hardship. 

I’m writing today to tell you how God is calling you, his church, to act—and how you can double the impact of your gift this Easter season. 

Johnny and his family settled in Florida. He was weary and unsure how to move forward. But, still feeling called to be a missionary to Haitians, Johnny leaned on God to reveal what was next—and God brought Johnny and Pastor Obelto Cherubin together.

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Pastor Obelto, a native of Haiti himself, has always had a heart for the church and for raising leaders of the church. His heart was with the Christian Reformed Churches he planted in Haiti decades ago, and his heart is with his current Haitian church plant in Florida, today. 

His heart is also with the future leaders of God’s church. “I want to see that when I’m not able to do this anymore, the church can go forward,” said Pastor Obelto.

During a time when the future of the Haitian church can feel uncertain, Pastor Obelto’s passion for mission is powerful—but your help is needed to propel the church forward.

Florida is home to many Haitian churches, but Pastor Obelto’s church is different. His church is rooted in a Reformed worldview that runs countercultural to most Haitian churches, where age often dictates power and position. He invests in raising up young leaders who can multiply missional efforts. On Sunday, it is the young people who can be found leading and preaching. 

Pastor Obelto’s church provides a unique kind of solace amid hardship. Navigating basic needs, not to mention completing documentation and paperwork to stay, is extremely difficult. Most refugees are not English speakers. They speak Creole, so they need access to Creole-speaking people and resources—including church connections and copies of the Bible. 

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Mission-minded donor support made it possible for Pastor Obelto to focus full-time on planting churches. Now his goal is to plant 10 churches in the next five years. But that’s a large task, and that’s why your help is needed. Your partnership will help to provide safe places to worship, in which the people inherently understand Haitian culture. A place—a church—that feels familiar when the rest of life doesn’t. 

And, this Easter, you can multiply your gift to help make these church plants possible.

“In Haiti, the need is so great that you can’t look away. You can’t avoid it. You can’t escape it. The need here in America can be just as great. We can escape it, but Jesus calls us to serve in these spaces. We are reaching a group of people who are unseen right now in the eyes of society,” said Johnny, “This church planting initiative says, ‘I see you.’” 

We must not avoid or ignore what’s happening to the Haitian church in North America. Will you help to extend the hand and heart of Christ into a community that often feels unseen? 

When asked how you can help, Pastor Obelto shared two things. The first is a request for prayer. The second is a request for your partnership. “Every day is an act of faith living in Haiti. Now it’s an act of faith living in North America,” he said. “That’s how Haitians choose to live their life: by faith, not sight.”

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So Pastor Obelto walks by faith, and he believes God will send people to help.

Today I encourage you to be that help. I encourage you to walk by faith alongside your missionaries and the Haitian community—with faith for the future of the church, and faith for what God can do through you. 

Will you answer Pastor Obelto, Johnny, and the Haitian community’s call for help? From now until April 30, your gift to Resonate’s Where Most Needed Fund will be matched dollar for dollar up to $175,000! 

Your gift says, “I see you,” to a community asking to be seen.