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Alejandra visiting a student at her home

Note: Read the introduction to the Used Tires series to learn the meaning behind the metaphor.

When Alejandrina Jorge moved to Batey Mojarra to be the new principal at Pena de Horeb Christian School, she had some reservations.

“The community was known to be a place where there were lots of spiritual struggles,” recalls Alejandrina. “There was a big voodoo temple where many people came to practice witchcraft. It was the poorest community in the region.”

“But,” Alejandrina added, “I sensed the Lord had great plans for it.”

You see, Alejandrina entered the field of Christian education because she recognized the potential it has for positive change—the same potential that many donors like you have recognized over the years. She saw beyond the community’s “used tires.”

“I saw the school as a place where we could really make an impact on the whole lives of children, their families, and even the community,” says Alejandrina.

A Network that Strengthens

Pena de Horeb School is one of 16 schools that belong to a network of schools called COCREF,  a partner organization that Resonate works with in the Dominican Republic. As a part of this network, Alejandrina has been able to attend many training events over the years and to benefit from lessons learned in other schools.

Still, even as a part of the COCREF network, Pena de Horeb School was struggling when Alejandrina began teaching there. In fact, it almost shut down a few years ago. But after several years of hard work and the help of your investment and vision for this community, Alejandrina now shares a different story.

“The school has served as God’s tool to change the beliefs and perspectives of the children, who in turn have made an impact on the lives of their parents.” 

Thank You!

The school has been able to pour out its blessings to public schools in the community as well. As a result, the community has seen growth and improvement in their church, economy, and health. What an impact you are making!

“I would like to thank all those who pray for us and partner with us in mission,” concludes Alejandrina. “Please continue to pray for us and for all the great things still to be done.”

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