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Pastor Sopheap walks in a field

A spiritual leader in Cambodia decided to follow Christ—and his decision could affect his entire village.

Mr. Kham is the spiritual leader and healer of his tribe in Cambodia that believes in the power of witchcraft. He holds a lot of respect in his community—and thanks to training you helped to make possible, he also recently decided to follow Christ!

But Mr. Kham’s story is only beginning, and there’s still more work to do. Mr. Kham is not quite ready to share about his new faith.

“Mr. Kham has been holding the power of witchcraft for his people in the whole village and surrounding areas. He prayed for rain, rain came,” said Navy Chann-Chhay, one of your Resonate Global Mission missionaries.

Navy and her husband, Ly Chhay, facilitate Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) in villages throughout Cambodia where witchcraft holds a powerful grasp on people’s spirituality. A curriculum of Raise Up Global Ministries, Resonate missionaries like Navy and Ly use TLT to equip local pastors and other Christian leaders for effective gospel witness. You help to make this training possible through your support of Resonate.

Pastor Sopheap is one local leader who has been participating in TLT. After the training on “Caring for God’s People,” Pastor Sopheap felt convicted to share the gospel with people. As part of the training, he made an action plan to visit several villages.

But he also felt burdened to talk with one other person he interacted with almost daily: Mr. Kham.

Slowly, Mr. Kham saw the life and testimony of Pastor Sopheap’s family and how Pastor Sopheap serves others without conditions.

Mr. Kham and Pastor Sopheap had worked together for quite some time, and Mr. Kham always respected Pastor Sopheap. When Pastor Sopheap shared the gospel with him, Mr. Kham was intrigued by Jesus. The two men met regularly for years to read and discuss the Bible, pray together, and build a friendship.

“Slowly, Mr. Kham saw the life and testimony of Pastor Sopheap’s family and how Pastor Sopheap serves others without conditions, shows love and sympathy for those who live in poverty,” said Navy.

One day, Mr. Kham decided he was ready. He wanted to follow Christ!

But as the spiritual leader of his tribe, Mr. Kham holds a respected position. He knows that his decision to follow Christ will affect his entire community—and he still has a lot of questions about Chrisitanity that do not come with simple answers. He’s not quite ready to share about his Christian faith with his family and tribe.

“He wants to take time to understand the Lord Jesus more. He does not want to disturb his family and the village until he is sure,” said Navy.

Discipleship is a lifelong process, and that’s why it’s an important part of Resonate’s ministry that you make possible with your support. Pastor Sopheap continues to meet with Mr. Kham and disciple him, and Navy and Ly continue to support, equip, and mentor Pastor Sopheap as he works with Mr. Kham.

“We pray that God will change Mr. Kham’s heart and he can share the gospel to his family and his whole village,” said Navy. “If Mr. Kham leads, it’s likely that many of the villagers will follow. That is exciting!” 

Thank you for helping to make this ministry possible! Will you please pray for Mr. Kham as he continues to grow in his relationship with Christ? Ask the Holy Spirit for confidence in the gospel and courage to share his faith.

*The names of Mr. Kham and Pastor Sopheap have been changed.