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Child wearing a yellow rain jacket smiling in the rain

What if the joy of sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ is more than we imagined?

As a child, one of the things on our family’s to-do list was a yearly trip to Niagara Falls. We camped, indulged as tourists, rode the aerial car, and visited wax museums and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. We ate fudge freshly made and had our pictures taken in barrels. 

Imagine how excited I was to marry someone who grew up in Niagara Falls!

But then one day I heard my husband say, “It’s just water going over rocks.”

In order to give our kids a wonderful experience, I needed to teach my husband how to be a tourist. Buy the T-shirt, indulge in tourist attractions. Through this process, I discovered that sometimes tourist attractions are more than they seem. 

The Maid of the Mist, a boat that takes hundreds of tourists a day towards the falls, could be seen as just another tourist attraction—but maybe there is something more. What if the object of the boat isn’t just seeing the water but experiencing together the ultimate moment of being drenched together? When laughter breaks out amongst strangers as they experience the joy of the moment. 

I’ve been thinking about this with my faith. How many of us are so familiar with our faith, stories in the Bible, and the customs and traditions we participate in, that we’ve lost the wonder? What would it look like for us to regain our wonder? What if what we often take for granted really is an opportunity to invite strangers and family and friends to an experience. What if the joy of sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ is more than we imagined? Maybe, just maybe, it’s time we all got drenched.

Beth Fellinger is Resonate's Regional Mission Leader for Eastern Canada