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Steve Holtrop, Resonate’s regional leader in Central America, recently made an observation about used tires:

“Used tires are not all that attractive or useful. They slowly degrade, carrying toxins into our ground, or they get noxiously burned,” said Steve. “They host rainwater, providing perfect warm breeding grounds for mosquitoes.”

“Some folks in Central America see youth in a similar fashion. They see youth as sitting around, sucking down resources, causing mischief, or worse—joining a violent gang.”

But Steve also noted what happens when we invest in and see the beauty in our world’s young people as well as used tires.

A local church was bringing police, gang members, and other youth together for community projects. One of those projects involved transforming a derelict street corner into a functional community park. And to decorate that park they used, of all things, painted old tires.

“I saw God use old tires, gangs, and non-motivated youth to make something beautiful!” said Steve. "It isn’t easy, but the church can reflect God’s desire for goodness."

Your prayers, support, and financial gifts to ministries of Resonate show that you too recognize the potential in our world’s “used tires.” Many of Resonate's ministries are about investing in people living in vulnerable situations—recognizing their potential and working alongside them to do something beautiful. 

Read on to see three examples of God's work through "Used Tires."

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