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In a “scary prayer,” say Resonate missionaries Bette and Brian Vander Haak, “you don’t pray for this or that to happen, but pray ‘Your will be done’...and listen.”

They did just that and discovered a shared passion for ministering to missionaries.

Education is one way Resonate Global Mission forms partnerships worldwide. The Vander Haak’s teach missionaries’ children at Morrison Academy in Taipei, Taiwan so more missionaries from more churches can stay on the field longer.

After seven years in Washington, D.C. and 12 years in Japan, the Vander Haaks brought their dedication to missionary support. At Morrison Academy, Brian teaches English and serves as a learning coach for teachers. Bette teaches art and geography.


Their hard work is appreciated not just by the students they serve, but by the parents.

Parents like Jonathan and LoiBeth King, who serve in Taiwan as researchers for several missions organizations working in East Asian countries. They also help strengthen and support local churches.

In 2017, the Kings suddenly had to move from the country where they had served for 20 years. Their children had been homeschooled and had to transition to a new school environment.

Bette and Brian helped the King kids feel welcome.

Brian helped Andrew, the Kings’ 10th grade son, adjust to a traditional school setting when he experienced some challenges. “Dr. V was one of the teachers who first helped identify the issues and then was kind and patient as he worked with us to find ways to help Andrew learn to function in his new school setting,” said the Kings.

Bette had also been a positive influence for the King children. Jonathan and LoiBeth note that “with Mrs. V’s encouragement and guidance, Christina has grown in her confidence and ability to create beauty in her own way, and she now loves drawing.”

Brian and Bette Vander Haak have brought missionary parents peace of mind.

“It is a huge blessing to focus on the ministry God has given us while our kids are being taught and challenged by trustworthy teachers who love God, share our Christian values, and are specialists in their own areas of teaching,” said Jonathan and LoiBeth King. “We are grateful for Bette and Brian’s love for God that is expressed in love for their students.”

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