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We all strive to make our faith and our lives our own. But for people with disabilities, independence often feels unreachable.

Auy*, a young man with disabilities, has been overcoming his challenges and achieving independent faith and living with help from Brent Seely, a Resonate Global Mission missionary in Thailand.

“Auy is increasingly interested in morning devotions,” Brent said. “He loves putting on a small play after a certain section of the Bible is read. This is really helpful—it makes the biblical characters come alive for him, and he struggles with memory retention.”

Brent partners with SaiLom, an organization in Thailand that works alongside government-run homes for people with disabilities, providing case managers and life skills training.

Brent sees SaiLom extending Resonate’s mission. “Resonate wants to have diversity in backgrounds, culture, and ethnicity,” he said. His work at SaiLom is a perfect fit because it “is addressing an often overlooked population.”

For his life skills training, Auy worked on taking care of a garden and starting a laundry business where people from the community around the home can drop off their clothes and have them washed.

The goal, Brent said, is to eventually find employment for the men he works with. Brent is also in charge of program development creating “a more robust method for growing the life skills of our members.”

Despite many encouraging stories, SaiLom faces many challenges. The program needs consistent schedules for participants, but this becomes difficult when they must move to different government homes. Recently, Auy was transferred to a different home.

Sometimes it is hard to understand how God is working in situations like these where God leads us in ways that may not make sense to us. Brent has learned to be dependent on God.

“I have an ancient iPod, and I put it on shuffle the other day,” said Brent. “It was around a time when I needed more direction in my life.”

Peggy March’s “I Will Follow Him” came on. The lyrics went:

I will follow him,
follow him wherever he may go.
There isn't an ocean too deep
or a mountain so high
that it can keep me away from him.

“So if I follow him, it will just work out and no need to worry about things!” said Brent.

Please pray for Auy, Brent, and the staff at SaiLom. Ask the Holy Spirit for encouragement, protection, and provision in all of their lives. Pray that Auy continues to develop his independence and faith using what he has learned at SaiLom.

*Name changed to protect identity